May 29, 2024
Learn about the top five online platforms and TV channels, the ten best Kingdom Business videos to watch, expert tips for success and the best webinars to attend.


Kingdom Business is the integration of faith and business, where entrepreneurs embrace biblical principles to run their enterprises. However, finding reliable sources of information for Kingdom Business content can be challenging. Aspiring entrepreneurs need access to valuable insights and advice on how to grow their businesses. The purpose of this article is to provide a guide to the top sources for Kingdom Business content.

Top 5 Online Platforms to Watch Kingdom Business: A Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Platform 1 –

Xpand offers a wide range of Kingdom Business resources for entrepreneurs, including books, podcasts, and videos. Each month they release interviews with successful business leaders, discussing topics such as innovation, team building and financial management. One significant benefit of Xpand is the ability to watch videos and listen to podcasts on any device, making it convenient for busy entrepreneurs.

Pros: Quality content from successful business people, thousands of resources, easy to use interface.

Cons: Paid subscription required for some content.

Platform 2 –

The Kingdom Business Journal offers a comprehensive guide to growing in faith and business. With a wide range of content on topics such as marketing, leadership, and business strategy, it is among the most sought after and reliable source for Kingdom Business content.

Pros: broad range of content, delivers fresh stories and articles for inspiration, membership options starting from zero dollars!

Cons: Free articles have limited access.

Platform 3 –

Kingdom Business Builders is a platform that uses a wealth of knowledge to teach Christ-driven entrepreneurship skills. Their library of content ranges from personal finance tips to business growth strategies. They provide daily inspirational and motivational messages based on biblical principles.

Pros: Offers free resources and quality content, covers personal finance, leadership, management and marketing.

Cons: The website is often slow.

Platform 4 –

Beliefnet offers Kingdom Business resources for personal development, spiritual disciplines, and putting faith into action in the workplace. They have a community forum where members can connect with each other and share experiences. You can discover articles, advice, and inspiration to fuel your spiritual journey.

Pros: Community forum for entrepreneurs, high-quality articles, free resources.

Cons: Limited search functionality.

Platform 5 –

RightNow Media provides original content from well-known speakers like Andy Stanley, Francis Chan, and Dave Ramsey. They have numerous videos and resources from successful business leaders sharing tips and strategies on how to succeed in Kingdom Business. The platform is user-friendly, allowing members to access the content with ease.

Pros: User-friendly interface, offers videos and articles from top level speakers, offers a free trial subscription.

Cons: More expensive subscription costs after free trial period.


Overall, Xpand and The Kingdom Business Journal are two of the best online platforms for Kingdom Business content. Both offer quality content through their comprehensive range of resources, making them highly recommended. Kingdom Business Builders, Beliefnet, and RightNow Media are also excellent options for entrepreneurs seeking valuable insights and advice on how to grow their businesses.

10 Must-Watch Kingdom Business Videos That You Can’t Miss

Video 1 –

“God and Business,” is an animated video hosted by businessman David Kim. In this video, Kim shares his journey in finding balance between his faith and business and provides advice for entrepreneurs dealing with similar conflicts.

Video 2 –

“The Biblical Path to Prosperity,” is a video hosted by successful businessman TD Jakes. In this video, Jakes shares his insights on how Kingdom Business owners can thrive and achieve spiritual and financial success by aligning themselves with biblical principles.

Video 3 –

“How to Draw Strength from God,” is a video hosted by pastor Craig Groeschel. In this video, Groeschel addresses how Kingdom Business owners can draw from God’s strength to overcome difficulties while building their businesses.

Video 4 –

“The Benefits of Kingdom Business,” is a video hosted by businessman and author Jim Collins. In this video, Collins shares his insights on how to implement Kingdom Business principles in your business and the positive effects they can create.

Video 5 –

“Five Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know,” is a video hosted by Ken Blanchard. In this video, Blanchard shares advice on how to build a successful business while also having a solid faith foundation.

Video 6 –

“The Unique Role of a Kingdom Business Leader,” is a video hosted by Henry Kaestner, the co-founder of Sovereign’s Capital. In this video, Kaestner discusses how Kingdom Business leaders can have a significant impact on the world and how a focus on God’s purpose can turn businesses into movements.

Video 7 –

“Four Principles of Biblical Leadership,” is a video hosted by Mark Miller, a Vice President of Chick-fil-A. In this video, Miller shares his insights on how leaders can leverage their faith to become effective leaders.

Video 8 –

“Business as Mission,” is a video hosted by Mats Tunehag. In this video, Tunehag shares how business can be used to create a meaningful impact in the world by aligning with God’s purpose.

Video 9 –

“How to Expand Your Business,” is a video hosted by businessman Jim Stovall. In this video, Stovall shares his insights on how to grow and scale your business.

Video 10 –

“Business & Emotions,” is a video hosted by Dr. Henry Cloud. In this video, Cloud shares his insights on how emotions can impact business decision-making and how Kingdom Business owners can leverage their faith to make sound choices.


Watching these ten videos can provide valuable insights and advice for entrepreneurs seeking to grow and develop their businesses with a Kingdom perspective. They cover a wide range of topics applicable to everyday business life.

Kingdom Business TV Channels You Should Know About

TV Channel 1 –

Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) provides faith-based TV programming created to inspire, inform, and encourage viewers. One program to watch is “The 700 Club,” which features interviews and discussions on finance and business with an emphasis on biblical principles.

TV Channel 2 –

Daystar is a network focused on spreading the Gospel through television. They have shows like “Joseph Prince,” which offers teachings on grace-based Kingdom principles. They also broadcast other useful content for Kingdom Business owners.

TV Channel 3 –

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) was created to provide a platform for Christians worldwide to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They offer many shows relevant to Kingdom business, like “Joyce Meyer Ministries,” which delivers teaching on Christian leadership principles to succeed in the workplace.

TV Channel 4 –

The Word Network provides an uplifting mix of programming designed to inspire and uplift viewers. They have shows like “The Potter’s Touch with TD Jakes,” which delivers lessons based on faith-based principles to help grow businesses.

TV Channel 5 –

God TV is a Christian network focused on bringing the Word of God to people worldwide. One program of interest is “Kris Vallotton TV,” which offers practical advice and tips for Kingdom Business owners.


Watching TV shows that focus on Kingdom Business can offer valuable insights and guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs. CBN, Daystar, TBN, The Word Network, and God TV are all choices that offer quality programming for those interested in learning to integrate their faith into their businesses.

How to Be Successful in Kingdom Business: Expert Tips and Advice

Guest 1 –

Sage Hyden is the founder of Life Design Collaborative, a company that helps people live their lives with purpose. In this interview, Hyden shares her insights on how to design a life and business aligned with God’s plan.

Guest 2 –

In this interview, Bishop T.D. Jakes shares his insights on leadership skills for Kingdom Business owners. He also discusses how to build a rock-solid foundation for businesses that operates with Kingdom principles.

Guest 3 –

Pastor Chris Hodges is the founder and senior pastor of Church of the Highlands, one of the largest churches in the U.S. In this interview, Hodges shares about his journey to building a successful and profitable Kingdom Business and offers advice on how to apply biblical principles to business.

Key takeaways

The common thread amongst these experts is the importance of upholding high standards of integrity and character in business. They also discuss the value of applying biblical principles in decision-making, setting goals, and cultivating relationships. These core principles can help Kingdom Business owners to achieve their mission, fulfill their purpose and cultivate lasting success.

Kingdom Business Webinars You Can’t Afford to Miss

Webinar 1 –

“Building a Kingdom Business That Lasts,” is a webinar hosted by Justin Buzzard, author of “The Kingdom of God and the Workplace.” Buzzard discusses how to create a business that aligns with God’s purposes and impacts the world for good.

Webinar 2 –

“Entrepreneurship and Community Transformation,” is a webinar hosted by Alex McManus, a well-known speaker and consultant on Kingdom Business. McManus shares practical strategies for entrepreneurs to impact their communities positively through their businesses.

Webinar 3 –

“How to Create and Sell Digital Products,” is a webinar powered by Gumroad, a platform aimed at helping creators monetize their work. In this webinar, Nathan Barry shares his insights on how to develop and sell digital products for greater impact both financially and otherwise.

Webinar 4 –

“Business Planning for Kingdom Impact,” is a webinar hosted by David King and Kevin Morris, two respected and seasoned Kingdom entrepreneurs. They equip aspiring Kingdom Business owners with the tools necessary for effective business planning.

Webinar 5 –

“Aligning Your Business with God’s Purpose,” is a webinar hosted by Michael Hyatt, CEO of Michael Hyatt & Company, a leadership development firm. In this webinar, Hyatt shares how to align business goals with God’s purpose in order to maximize impact.


Attending webinars can equip entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge necessary to build successful Kingdom Businesses. Hosted by experts, these webinars provide practical advice and guidance for applying Kingdom principles in everyday business life.


Finding reliable sources of information for Kingdom Business content can be challenging, but there are many options available online, on TV, and through expert interviews. By exploring the top five online platforms, must-watch Kingdom Business videos, TV channels, expert tips, and webinars, aspiring entrepreneurs can find valuable insights and advice to grow and develop their businesses.

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