May 28, 2024
Explore how the business proposal manhwa's perfect ending was achieved with the right balance of symbolism, storytelling, and emotional resolutions. Learn from the author's insights behind the making of the conclusion, fans' reactions and speculations about what could happen next to the characters of the business proposal manhwa and what's next for this beloved manga series.


The business proposal manhwa is a story about a successful businessman and his pursuit of love. It follows the life of Kang Ji-kun, a workaholic CEO who falls in love with a revenge-seeking woman named Dan-ji. The manhwa, with its intricate plot and well-developed characters, quickly became a hit with readers around the world. In this article, we will delve into the manhwa’s perfect ending, why it satisfied reader expectations, and the symbolism, storytelling, and fans’ reactions behind it.

The Perfect End: How the Business Proposal Manhwa Concluded on a High Note

The business proposal manhwa’s ending was a perfect note for the story, as it provided the closure that readers were hoping for. After overcoming various obstacles, Kang Ji-kun and Dan-ji finally reunite and confess their love for each other. The ending was the culmination of their romantic development, and readers were happy to see them together. Additionally, the manhwa’s ending was free of any loose ends, with all storylines and subplots having satisfying resolutions.

Satisfying Reader Expectations: A Review of the Business Proposal Manhwa’s Ending

The business proposal manhwa’s ending satisfied reader expectations because it delivered on what readers were hoping to see. They wanted Kang Ji-kun and Dan-Ji to end up together, and the author made sure to give them a satisfying romantic resolution. Furthermore, readers were happy to see the character growth of other supporting characters, such as the secretary Jo and the rival CEO Lee, which contributed to the feeling of closure.

Behind the Scenes: Interview with the Business Proposal Manhwa’s Author on the Ending

In an exclusive interview with the author of the business proposal manhwa, they revealed that the ending was planned from the start. The author knew that Kang Ji-kun and Dan-Ji would end up together, but they wanted to make sure that their reunion was earned. They wanted to emphasize the importance of forgiveness and second chances, which are core themes in the story. Additionally, the author revealed that they were happy with the fans’ reception of the ending, and it made them proud of their work.

A Creative Closure: Analyzing the Symbolism in the Business Proposal Manhwa Ending

The business proposal manhwa’s ending was rich in symbolism, which contributed to the story’s theme and message. The olive tree, for instance, symbolizes the characters’ resilience and growth. Throughout the story, the tree was damaged and dying, but with the help of the characters, it was nursed back to health. The tree represents Kang Ji-kun and Dan-ji’s relationship, which also went through many challenges but eventually emerged stronger. The author’s use of this symbol emphasizes the theme of hope and resilience.

Big Surprises and Emotional Resolutions: Exploring the Storytelling of the Business Proposal Manhwa’s Ending

The storytelling in the business proposal manhwa’s ending was excellent, given the emotional resolution and big surprises. One of the biggest surprises was the revelation of Dan-Ji’s real identity, which was unexpected but contributed to the story’s overall suspense and intrigue. Additionally, the emotional resolution of the characters’ personal stories felt earned and well deserved, making for a satisfying conclusion.

The Fans’ Reactions: A Look into the Social Media Buzz around the Business Proposal Manhwa’s Ending

The fans of the business proposal manhwa had mixed emotions about the ending. While most agreed that it was a satisfying conclusion, some were disappointed with the lack of detail about how Kang Ji-kun and Dan-Ji’s relationship progressed after they reunited. However, the majority of fans praised the storytelling, symbolism, and emotional resolutions of the characters. In general, the fans’ reactions to the ending were positive, with many expressing their love for the manhwa on social media.

What’s Next? Speculations and Fan Theories on the Future of Business Proposal Manhwa After its Ending

Although the business proposal manhwa has ended, fans still have many speculations and theories about what could happen next. Some believe that the supporting characters’ stories have potential for spin-offs or sequels, while others speculate that a future storyline could involve Kang Ji-kun and Dan-Ji’s married life. Overall, fans are excited to see what the author has in store for them in the future.


In conclusion, the business proposal manhwa’s perfect ending was well-deserved given its intricate plot, character development, and overall storytelling. The author’s use of symbolism, big surprises, and emotional resolutions contributed to a satisfying conclusion for readers. While some fans had mixed emotions about the lack of detail after the romantic resolution, the majority were happy about the overall ending’s resolution. We encourage our readers to share their thoughts and theories about what could happen next to the characters of the business proposal manhwa to keep the story alive.

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