February 29, 2024
Wondering if you can cry with contacts in? Read on to learn about personal accounts, interviews with contacts users, doctor's advice, product reviews, and anecdotes to help you better understand the issue and manage tears with ease.


When it comes to contact lenses, many wearers have concerns about their comfort and potential risks. One common question is whether it’s possible to cry or tear up while wearing contacts. The answer is yes, it is possible, and it can happen to anyone at any time. But the good news is that there are plenty of tips and solutions available to help manage tears and minimize the discomfort of wearing contact lenses. In this article, we will discuss personal accounts, interviews with contacts users, advice from eye experts, product reviews, and anecdotal examples to help you tackle this issue with ease.

Personal Account

As someone who has been wearing contacts for over a decade, I have experienced tearing up and crying on several occasions. One instance was when I received some bad news while at work. As tears streamed down my face, I was worried about my contact lenses. Would the tears cause my contacts to shift or fall out? As I blinked and dabbed my eyes with a tissue, I realized that I needed to take some precautions if this were to happen again.

After talking to my optometrist and doing some research, I found out some tips for managing tears while wearing contacts. One of the most important things to remember is to avoid rubbing your eyes or using oily products around your eyes, as these can cause damage to the lenses or irritate the eyes further. Instead, try to blink frequently to keep the contacts moist and use a clean tissue to dab away tears from the eyes.

Interviews with Contacts Users

To get a broader perspective on the issue, we talked to other contact lens wearers about their experiences with tearing up or crying while wearing contacts. Here are some of the suggestions they shared:

– “I always carry a small bottle of rewetting drops with me whenever I wear contacts. It’s helpful to use the drops to lubricate my eyes and make my contacts more comfortable.” – Maria
– “If I know I’m going to be in an emotional situation, I try to take a break and remove my contact lenses for a few minutes once in every couple of hours. This helps to refresh my eyes, minimize discomfort, and reduce the risk of infection.” – Laura
– “I try to avoid situations that may make me cry if I’m wearing contacts. If I have a special occasion coming up where I know there will be a lot of emotions involved, I switch to wearing glasses instead.” – Jake

Doctor’s Advice

According to Dr. Lauren Blieden, an optometrist based in California, crying while wearing contacts can cause the contact lenses to become either too dry or too wet, which in turn can lead to discomfort, irritation, and even infection. She recommends the following tips for managing tears while wearing contacts:

– Keep your contacts moist by using rewetting drops or saline solution as needed.
– Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes, as this can cause the lenses to shift or move out of place.
– If you experience discomfort or irritation, take a break and remove your contact lenses for a few minutes to let your eyes rest.

Product Review

There are several products on the market that can help minimize the discomfort of tearing up or crying while wearing contact lenses. Some popular options include:

– Rewetting drops: These drops can help lubricate the eyes and keep the contacts moist, reducing discomfort and irritation.
– Artificial tears: Similar to rewetting drops, artificial tears can help moisten the eyes and reduce dryness caused by crying.
– Contact lens-friendly eye makeup: If you still want to wear makeup while wearing contacts, look for brands that are designed to be contact lens-friendly and avoid using products that are oily or contain glitter.

Anecdotal Examples

Several well-known figures have shared their experiences with wearing contacts during emotional moments. One such example is actor Jennifer Aniston, who famously cried during her final scene filming Friends while wearing contact lenses. Aniston revealed in an interview that she had to take breaks to remove her contacts and put in rewetting drops to manage the discomfort. Other individuals have shared similar stories of wearing contacts during weddings, graduations, and other events where emotions can run high.

Dos and Don’ts List

Here’s a summary of the dos and don’ts for wearing contacts when crying:


– Blink frequently to keep the contacts moist.
– Use rewetting drops or contact lens-friendly artificial tears to lubricate the eyes and minimize discomfort.
– Take a break and remove your contacts for a few minutes if you experience discomfort or irritation.


– Rub or touch your eyes, as this can cause the lenses to shift or move out of place.
– Use oily or glittery eye makeup, as this can irritate the eyes or damage the lenses.
– Put your contact lenses back in if your eyes are still moist from crying. Wait until your eyes are dry before reinserting them.


In conclusion, crying with contacts in can be uncomfortable and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be a significant problem. With tips and solutions such as using rewetting drops, avoiding oily eye makeup, and taking breaks to remove your contacts, you can manage the discomfort and keep your eyes healthy. We hope this article has helped you better understand the issue and provided you with useful suggestions to address it. If you have any additional tips or experiences you’d like to share, please leave a comment below.

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