May 30, 2024
Do Planet Fitness have showers? Yes they do. This article provides a comprehensive look at Planet Fitness' shower facilities, including hygiene practices in place, availability, and quality of services. Furthermore, the article underscores the importance of post-workout self-care practices, and the gym's compliance with COVID-19 safety measures.

Do Planet Fitness Have Showers?

Going to the gym can be a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re hitting the cardio machines or pumping iron, exercise is an important part of staying fit. However, after an intense workout, it’s crucial to freshen up, and shower facilities are a must-have at any gym. This is where Planet Fitness comes in– but have you ever wondered whether or not Planet Fitness has showers available for its members?

Sweat It Out: Exploring Planet Fitness’ Shower Facilities

Planet Fitness boasts over 2,000 locations in the United States alone, and their facilities offer a wide range of amenities to cater to the needs of their diverse clientele. And yes—you’ll be glad to know that Planet Fitness does offer shower facilities! Most locations have designated shower areas with private stalls, including showerheads and changing areas.

Maintaining hygiene is a top priority for Planet Fitness, and there are hygiene practices in place to ensure that the shower facilities remain clean and sterile. The gym encourages members to clean after each use, and provides the necessary cleaning supplies in every stall.

Shower facilities are available across all Planet Fitness locations, including those in rural and suburban areas. Even though the size of showers and the quality of fixtures may sometimes vary from location to location, most Planet Fitness gyms have a shower area with plenty of space and amenities to get your shower done and continue your day feeling fresh.

No More Excuses: Planet Fitness Has Shower Facilities

Access to shower facilities is crucial for people who may not have a shower at home or work, especially for those who commute to work out before heading to the office. Gym-goers who have access to shower facilities tend to work out more conveniently. Additionally, taking a post-workout shower helps reduce the risk of infections and skin irritations by eliminating the extra sweat and bacteria that can accumulate after a workout.

Freshen Up After Your Workout: Planet Fitness Showers Explained

Planetary fitness makes available different numbers of shower stalls depending on the size of the facility. However, a standard facility will typically have between 3-5 individual shower stalls for convenience. Each of the shower stalls is designated to the respective gender, so you don’t have to worry about sharing showers with members of the opposite gender.

Planet Fitness pride itself on being the “judgment-free zone,” and this is extended to the shower facilities with a priority that all members feel comfortable using them. Each shower stall also has a lockable door for privacy, making it a safe and comfortable care-free shower venue

Revive and Refresh: Planet Fitness Showers and Self-care

Shower facilities are more than just a necessity for gym-goers—they’re also an important aspect of self-care. Self-care routines are just as essential as gym routines, and incorporating self-care into your fitness routine is a great way to keep your mind and body healthy. Taking a shower after a workout is an excellent way to care for your body, and Planet Fitness facilities make this possible.

Additionally, visitors will enjoy spa-quality body wash and shampoo in each shower room, contributing to the spa-like ambiance.

Comparison Article: Planet Fitness Vs Other Gyms’ Shower Facilities

Gym-shower facilities vary widely across different gym chains, and comparing the services offered, levels of privacy provided, and the prices charged can be a great way to determine which gym suits your needs best. Compared to other gyms, Planet Fitness’ shower facilities are above average, with an emphasis on maintaining hygiene practices while prioritizing user comfort and convenience.

Additionally, visitors will enjoy other benefits like the gym’s 24-hour availability, its attractive membership prices, and the “judgment-free zone” policy. These characteristics make the gym a great option for anyone working on a tight budget, or those who value comfort and convenience above all else.

COVID-19 Safety Measures in Planet Fitness Showers

COVID-19 has brought with it unprecedented challenges when it comes to maintaining hygiene in public areas, including gyms. Planet Fitness has adhered to the CDC’s recommendations and implemented impressive safety measures to ensure their members’ safety.

In the shower facilities, there are disinfecting sprays stationed at the entrance to the shower area for use before and after each use. The cleaning and maintenance staff are regularly scheduled and trained on disinfection processes to ensure maximum safety.


Planet Fitness’ shower facilities are impressive, with a focus on convenience, privacy, and cleanliness. With its impressive hygiene practices in place, affordable membership prices, and the “judgment-free zone” policy, the gym is an excellent option for anyone looking for a comfortable and convenient fitness experience.

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