April 17, 2024
Explore Citibank's physical presence throughout the United States and its hybrid approach to banking. Learn about the benefits of visiting a physical branch versus banking online, as well as how to find and utilize Citibank's physical locations and services.


As online banking becomes increasingly popular, it can be tricky to know where to find a bank’s physical locations. Citibank is no exception, and customers may be wondering whether the bank still maintains brick and mortar branches. In this article, we’ll explore Citibank’s physical presence in the United States, as well as the benefits of visiting a physical branch versus banking solely online.

Exploring Citibank’s Brick and Mortar Side: Where to Find Physical Locations

Citibank is still a major player in the brick and mortar banking world, despite the growing popularity of online banking. Physical branches are important to bank customers who are looking for more personalized service or need help with complex transactions. Citibank’s physical presence in the United States spans over 700 branches in 33 states, with a mix of full-service locations and ATM/cash deposit only sites.

Beyond Online Banking: Citibank’s Physical Branches and ATMs Nationwide

While online banking provides many conveniences, there are several benefits to visiting a physical bank branch. Citibank’s ATMs are available for customers to withdraw cash and perform basic banking transactions 24/7, while physical branches enable customers to speak with a banking professional to access more advanced financial services. Citibank operates specific branches, such as its flagship branch in New York City, which is touted as the world’s largest banking center.

Navigating Citibank’s Physical Presence: A Comprehensive Guide

Citibank’s physical presence offers several types of locations, such as full-service branches, specialized service branches, Citibank private client locations, and ATM/cash deposit only sites. Customers can use the bank’s website or mobile app to search for nearby locations and receive directions to those places. It’s also important to know what documents to bring and what questions to ask while visiting a physical branch.

The Convenience of Citibank’s Hybrid Approach: Online and In-Person Banking Options

Citibank’s unique approach to banking combines online and in-person options to give customers the best of both worlds. Online banking provides quick and convenient 24/7 access to account information and transactions while physical branches offer personalized service for more complex needs. Customers can use both options to their advantage – for example, with features such as mobile check deposit and digital bill pay for online banking and financial planning services and investment advice for in-person banking.

City vs. Citibank: Why You May Want to Consider Local Branches When Choosing a Bank

When choosing a bank, it’s important to consider proximity to physical banking locations. Citibank’s physical presence differs depending on the area, so it’s important to compare it with other banks to ensure convenience and accessibility. Frequent travelers and those who value personalized service may also prefer local branches.


Citibank still has a strong brick and mortar presence, with hundreds of physical locations throughout the United States. While online banking offers convenience, physical branches provide a personal touch, and Citibank’s hybrid approach to banking allows customers to enjoy the benefits of both options. With the bank’s easy-to-use website and mobile app, customers can easily find and access Citibank’s physical locations and services.

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