April 17, 2024
Explore the income sources behind Jeffrey Dahmer's horrific crimes. This article dives deep into his family background, personal finances, and military experience to discern where his money came from.


Jeffrey Dahmer is a name that invokes strong emotions as people recall the gruesome crimes he committed. But, have you ever wondered how he was able to finance these heinous acts? Money lies at the heart of almost all crimes, and it’s only natural to question how Dahmer could afford to commit them. In this article, we will explore different income sources that supported Dahmer’s criminal behavior.

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Jeffrey Dahmer’s employment history was troubled and lackluster. He had poor work ethics, which ultimately led to his dismissal from employment. His savings and income, during his time of crime, were mostly from the selling of his possessions, earning from the military, and a potential inheritance from his grandmother.

His Early Years

Jeffrey Dahmer was born into a financially stable family. His father, Lionel Dahmer, was a chemist and his mother, Joyce Dahmer, was a dedicated homemaker. However, the family’s financial stability was put to the test when Lionel’s career stumbled. This created a rift in the family, and the situation quickly deteriorated, causing his parents to divorce.

Dahmer was a troublesome child, and his poor behavior could have been attributed to his parents’ divorce. He struggled with alcohol abuse and was often delinquent, eventually committing a heinous crime in high school. Dahmer’s childhood employment and education were average, with him working a few jobs here and there without making much of his employment history.

Selling His Personal Belongings

During his crime spree, Dahmer sold some of his furniture, his car, and even his father’s tools, which he pawned off for money. Some of these items had been gift items that his father had saved up to buy for him. He hid his actions from the rest of his family all while continuing to perpetrate more and more terrible crimes.

Earnings from Military

After dropping out of college, Dahmer joined the army, doing well during his service. During his time there, he built up a savings account and had a decent income, funding his criminal activities. Dahmer was discharged from the military after his severe alcohol addiction resulted in his behavior becoming erratic and problematic, resulting in series of arrests.

Potential Inheritance

On the topic of inheritance, it is believed that Dahmer’s grandmother was wealthy, and there was potential for him to receive an inheritance. The details surrounding the inheritance are sparse and unknown. It is not certain if Dahmer ever received any money from his grandmother or not.

But this leads to an important question, if Dahmer had received a large inheritance, could this have been a factor in his criminal behavior or was he just a sick individual irrespective of money?

Alternative Income Sources

It has been speculated that Dahmer may have earned money through illegal activities or fraud during the time of his crimes. Although it is acknowledged that Dahmer had run-ins with the law while drunk, there is little evidence to back up to the claims that he could be earning money through illegal means.

It’s important to note that his criminal activity might have been solely driven by his unhealthy compulsions, and he might not have needed much money to fund his activities.


Although Dahmer’s criminal behavior is well-documented, his income sources aren’t. The fact that he was able to fund his criminal activities using such means is terrifying. In conclusion, Dahmer’s employment history was mostly troubled, with most of his income sources stemming from selling his possessions, earning from the military, and potentially an inheritance. However, it remains unclear whether the money was a motivator for his unspeakable crimes.

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