June 18, 2024
Anytime Fitness is a popular gym with different membership options available. This article explores the different membership options and the cost of becoming a member. It also provides insights into ways to save money in seeking exercise regimes while giving valuable tips on maximizing the membership.


As the cost of living skyrockets, people tend to minimize their expenses. However, investing in your health should not be compromised. Unfortunately, gym memberships become a common victim of cutting down costs. The good news is that there are affordable alternatives to traditional gyms. In this article, we will explore how much is an Anytime Fitness membership and look at its pros and cons for people looking for more affordable fitness options.

Are You Wasting Money on Expensive Gym Memberships? A Look at the Cost of Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a 24-hour gym franchise that has been growing exponentially in the past years. Its accessibility and affordability are among the reasons for this success. Anytime Fitness offers two types of memberships – basic and select. The basic membership costs around $40 to $50 per month and grants access to one club only. However, the select membership costs about $52 to $60 per month, and it allows members to access more than 4,000 clubs all around the globe. In addition to these, Anytime Fitness also offers discounted family memberships, military memberships, and senior citizen memberships.

Despite being cheaper compared to traditional gyms, Anytime Fitness still has some downsides. Its non-binding contract may seem enticing, but it only offers monthly renewals with a notice period. Moreover, a one-time $50 enrollment fee applies to all new members.

Breaking Down the Price of Anytime Fitness: Is It Worth the Cost?

The best thing about Anytime Fitness is the convenience it offers. With clubs available worldwide and open 24/7, members can schedule their workouts anytime they want. The gym’s equipment and amenities are also updated regularly, ensuring members get the best workout experience.

When it comes to cost comparison, Anytime Fitness stands in between affordable community gyms and expensive gyms such as Equinox or Life Time Fitness. The monthly rate may still seem steep for some people, but compared to the cost of individual classes at boutique studios, it is a fair deal. Furthermore, with Anytime Fitness’s one-membership-fits-all clubs scheme, high-intensity training classes, yoga, and other specialty classes come at no extra cost.

Ultimately, Anytime Fitness’s affordability is relative. Depending on a person’s fitness goals, lifestyle, and preferences, the cost may or may not justify the benefits.

Affordable Fitness: What You Need to Know About Anytime Fitness Membership Prices

Anytime Fitness offers different membership options that cater to different preferences. One option is the basic membership, which is ideal for members who prefer a consistent workout at one location. The basic membership is also less expensive since it only grants access to one club. The select membership, on the other hand, is perfect for members who travel frequently or change residences frequently. It offers greater flexibility since members can access Anytime Fitness clubs worldwide.

The family membership is also an excellent option for people who want to save money while staying fit. With this membership option, the first family member pays full-price, and all additional members receive a discount. Another option that can be beneficial to military personnel and senior citizens is the discounted membership. Proof of service or age is required to avail this exclusive discount.

The key to finding the most affordable membership is understanding one’s fitness goals and preferences. For instance, someone who wants to attend classes can benefit more from a select membership. In contrast, another person who cannot afford the extra cost of the select membership can opt for an alternative gym with spinning classes.

How Much Does Anytime Fitness Really Cost? A Comparison to Other Popular Gyms

As mentioned earlier, Anytime Fitness is between community gyms and high-end fitness clubs. To put things in perspective, a higher-end gym like Equinox can cost over $200 per month, while soul cycle classes can cost up to $34 per class. In comparison, a monthly subscription to Anytime Fitness is decent since it offers 24/7 access to a wide range of amenities, group classes, and personal training; all at no extra cost.

It is important to note that while membership fees may differ, location plays a big role in establishing those rates. Clubs located in metropolitan areas or business districts typically charge more than those situated in suburban areas.

Investing in Your Health: The True Value of an Anytime Fitness Membership

Besides saving money, working out and staying fit come with a plethora of benefits. A fit and healthy body comes with less risk of chronic diseases and a stronger immune system. Exercise is also known to improve one’s mental health, reducing stress, and improving one’s overall mood. Investing in your health has never been more critical than now, given the ongoing pandemic that has affected the whole world.

How to Save Money on Your Anytime Fitness Membership: Hidden Discounts and Deals

The hidden discounts and deals available at Anytime Fitness are not commonly advertised. However, some clubs offer discounts to members who pay annually. Members can also save money through partnerships with health insurance providers.

Additionally, new members can negotiate membership fees when setting up their accounts. Often, people sign up with other friends and family members since membership discounts are available to those enrolling with groups.

Maximizing Your Membership: How to Get the Most Out of Your Anytime Fitness Subscription

Getting the most out of an Anytime Fitness membership requires dedication and consistency. It helps to create an individualized workout plan and follow it progressively. Working with personal trainers, taking advantage of group classes, and utilizing the gym’s amenities can aid in achieving one’s fitness goals.

Staying motivated to work out can also be a struggle, but finding a support system, such as an accountability partner, can help. Members can also create their own fitness communities by joining group classes or utilizing the Anytime Fitness app.


So, how much is an Anytime Fitness membership? The cost may seem steep when viewed through a short-term lens. However, upon closer inspection and taking into account its convenience and access to various amenities and equipment, Anytime Fitness is considered an affordable gym option. To make the most of the membership, it is crucial to understand the various membership options available, as well as some hidden discounts and deals. Ultimately, investing in one’s health is a wise choice, and Anytime Fitness has made it more accessible than ever before.

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