May 23, 2024
Learn how to breed an epic Entbrat in this comprehensive guide. Discover the best combinations of monsters, tips, and tricks to increase breeding success and level up these monsters.

I. Introduction

Monster breeding is an essential aspect of “My Singing Monsters” game, and the Epic Entbrat is among the most popular of these monsters. The Epic Entbrat is popular due to its ability to play multiple notes, spicing up the game’s music. Breeding an Epic Entbrat is not an easy feat, but it’s achievable with this guide.

Breeding an Epic Entbrat is an excellent way to progress in the game and unlock new levels. Players who breed the Epic Entbrat can level it up to increase its income level, enhance its musical abilities, and improve its overall performance.

This guide will provide you with essential tips and tricks on how to breed an Epic Entbrat and give an overview of the monsters needed for breeding.

II. Step-by-Step Guide: How to breed an Epic Entbrat

Breeding an Epic Entbrat is a combination of chance and knowledge of the game’s mechanics. However, knowing the breeding process and ideal monster combinations can improve gamers’ chances of breeding an Epic Entbrat.

Explanation of the Breeding Process

Breeding is simple; select two monsters of the same species from your island and place them in a Breeding Structure. Wait a couple of hours for the breeding to occur, and voila, a new monster will hatch from the breeding structure.

One of the monsters to be bred has to be of Level 4 or higher in most cases. The higher the level, the higher the chances of breeding an Epic monster.

Ideal Combination of Monsters for Breeding an Epic Entbrat

The Epic Entbrat is bred from a combination of monsters containing the element of Earth, Plant, Cold, and Water. However, there are specific monsters to use to increase your chance of breeding the Epic Entbrat:

  • Entbrat: As the name suggests, the Entbrat is one of the monsters to breed when looking to create an Epic Entbrat.
  • Shrubb: Shrubb is another type of monster to use when breeding for an Epic Entbrat. A Shrubb monster put in the breeding process will increase the chances of breeding an Epic Entbrat.
  • T-Rox: T-Roxs are excellent candidates to use in the breeding of an Epic Entbrat. This monster, coupled with the combination mentioned above, can enhance your chances of breeding an Epic Entbrat.

Tips for Increasing Breeding Success

Use the following tips to increase your chances of breeding an Epic Entbrat:

  • Level up your monsters: The higher the level of the monsters, the more chances of breeding an Epic Entbrat.
  • Buy breeding structures: The number of breeding structures is limited, but you can purchase more with diamonds to increase your breeding capacity.
  • Breeding Boosts: Purchase breeding boosts from the Market to increase the chances of breeding Epic monsters.

Best Ways to Level Up These Monsters

To level up Entbrat, Shrubb, and T-Rox, follow these tips:

  • Feed them: Feed your monsters with food to increase their levels. The higher the level, the more likely you are to breed an Epic Entbrat.
  • Decorate the Island: Decorating the Island increases the monsters’ happiness, which increases the amount of in-game currency, shards, and other bonuses earned, making it possible to buy food and other essential items for raising your monsters.
  • Breed Monsters: Breeding different monsters may lead to rare beasts, increasing your chances of breeding an Epic Entbrat.

III. Tips and Tricks for breeding an Epic Entbrat

Importance of Getting the Right Elements

Make sure to have the correct elements as per the Epic Entbrat breeding combination. Failure to include a single element will reduce your chances of breeding success.

Preparing the Breeding Structure

Before breeding your monsters, make sure that the breeding structure is empty. Once the breeding process ends, collect the new monster before adding another monster to breed.

Rare Combinations that Increase Chances of Success

A combination of more than three monsters increases your chance of breeding an Epic Entbrat but with a lower percentage chance of success. However, rare combinations lead to higher percentages of Epic Entbrat breeding success.

For instance, the combination of Entbrat, Oaktopus, and Furcorn or Entbrat, Oaktopus, and T-Rox is a combination known to lead to successful breeding of the Epic Entbrat.

Other Helpful Tips

Play the game regularly, and Always participate in events and seasonal promotions. Most events offer players chances to earn unique and rare monsters, such as the Epic Entbrat.

IV. Infographic: A Visual Guide to Breeding an Epic Entbrat

Featured below is an illustration that demonstrates the Epic Entbrat breeding process. Some additional tips are included in the illustration to give readers a visual understanding of the breeding process.

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V. Monster Review: A Comprehensive Review of Monsters that can be Used to Breed an Epic Entbrat

Explanation of all Monsters that can be Used to Breed Epic Entbrat

Monsters with Water, Earth, Cold, and Plant are needed for breeding epic Entbrat. Some common breeds are:

  • Shrubb
  • Entbrat
  • T-Rox

Strengths and Weaknesses of Each of These Monsters

Each of the monsters mentioned above has strengths and weaknesses that players should know and understand to breed Epic Entbrat successfully.

  • Shrubb: The Shrubb’s strengths are its high worth rate, and it’s lucrative when bred to an epic monster. Its weakness is that it cannot participate in the game’s music making capability.
  • Entbrat: The Entbrat is a fantastic musical beast and has high coin income. To compensate, it’s tough to breed, and its feeding chart is also high.
  • T-Rox: T-Rox has an impressive appearance and good coin income. However, breeding it with an Epic Entbrat provides players with Monsters with decent overall musical prowess.

The Best Combinations to Use when Breeding for Epic Entbrat

The Best Combinations for breeding Epic Entbrat are:

  • Plant Island: Entbrat + shrubb + dandidoo
  • Cold Island: Entbrat + shrubb + quibble
  • Water Island: Entbrat + shrubb + reef

VI. Success Stories: Inspirational Stories of Successful Players in Breeding an Epic Entbrat

The following are successful players who have shared their journey to breeding an Epic Entbrat:

Player One

Player one tried for three months before breeding an Epic Entbrat. They got the monster after using the Entbrat, Shrubb, and T-Rox combination.

Player Two

Player Two brev over fifty times before getting the Epic Entbrat. They utilized the combination of Entbrat, T-Rox and Shrubb.

Importance of Learning from Experienced Players

By learning from successful players who have gone ahead of us, we can shorten the time it takes to create Epic Entbrat monsters. Don’t forget to ask friends or guild members who have bred Epic Entbrats for tips and tricks.

VII. Conclusion

Breeding an Epic Entbrat is a challenging yet rewarding task in the My singing Monsters’ game. It requires patience and careful application of the tips outlined in this guide. Remember to keep experimenting with different monster combinations, and always be on the lookout for new opportunities to increase your breeding chances. With determination and the right knowledge, players can eventually breed the fabled Epic Entbrat Monster.

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