April 12, 2024
This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to charge AirPods Pro, along with tips on maximizing battery life, comparing portable chargers, troubleshooting, and useful accessories. With this comprehensive guide, readers can ensure that their AirPods Pro are always at optimal battery levels and ready to use.


AirPods Pro is a popular wireless earbud model manufactured by Apple. Like all electronic gadgets, they run on a battery that requires charging. Many users have faced difficulty charging their AirPods Pro, mainly because of a lack of understanding of the proper way to charge the earbuds. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to charge AirPods Pro, offer tips on maximizing its battery life, and discuss common charging issues and troubleshooting solutions.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Charge AirPods Pro

Description of the charging case and the lightning cable

The AirPods Pro comes with a charging case that has its own in-built battery. The charging case has a button at the back, which when pressed, displays the battery status of the case. The Lightning cable is a USB-C-to-Lightning cable that comes along with the packaging of the AirPods Pro. Users can also use their iPhone charging adapter to charge the AirPods Pro, but the charging time may be extended.

Step-by-step instructions for charging AirPods Pro using the charging case and the lightning cable

The process of charging AirPods Pro is relatively simple, and it involves the following steps:

1. Connect the Lightning cable to the charging case’s Lightning port.
2. Plug the other end of the Lightning cable into a power source.
3. Place the AirPods Pro into the charging case with the earbuds facing forward, so the charging pins line up.
4. The status LED light on the charging case will turn green if the case is sufficiently charged. If it’s orange, it means the case is still charging, and if it’s not illuminated, it indicates that the case is either fully charged, or there’s no charge at all.

Tips for proper placement of AirPods Pro in the charging case

While it’s essential to place the AirPods Pro in the charging case correctly, users must ensure the earbuds are correctly aligned with the charging pins. If the charging pins aren’t lined up, the AirPods Pro won’t charge. Also, users must ensure that the charging case is entirely closed to avoid any damage or dirt accumulation on the earbuds.

Advanced charging techniques for faster charging

Users who wish to charge their AirPods Pro faster can use the following techniques:

– Turn on the Low Power Mode on the iPhone to which the AirPods Pro are connected. This reduces power consumption and allows for quicker charging.
– Charge the AirPods Pro with a higher wattage adapter or a power bank.
– Keep the AirPods Pro away from heat sources and direct sunlight, which may cause overheating and slow down the charging process.

Tips for Maximizing AirPods Pro Battery Life

Proper charging techniques to avoid overcharging and reduce wear and tear on the battery

Overcharging AirPods Pro can harm the battery life over time. To avoid overcharging, users must remove the earbuds from the case once they reach full charge. It’s also crucial to keep the charging pins clean and free from debris, as dirty pins can prevent charging and negatively impact battery life.

Guidelines for maintaining the optimal charging level for AirPods Pro

One way to maintain optimal charging levels is to charge the earbuds frequently and not wait until they are completely discharged. Ideally, users should keep charge levels between 20-80% for the best results. While storing the earbuds, it’s crucial to keep them charged and only dipping to discharge below 50%.

Tips for maximizing battery life, including avoiding extremes of temperature and regular maintenance

Users can adopt these tips to maximize battery life:

– Avoid exposing the AirPods Pro to extreme temperatures as this can affect battery life.
– Turn off the Active Noise Cancellation feature when not in use.
– Update the firmware regularly to the latest version, as this may improve battery life.

Comparing Portable Chargers for AirPods Pro

Overview of the various types of portable chargers and power banks that are compatible with AirPods Pro

Portable chargers and power banks are ideal for users who are on-the-go. In general, there are two types of portable chargers:
– Wired chargers: These are portable chargers that can be connected to the AirPods Pro using a Lightning cable. When selecting a wired portable charger, users must ensure it has enough power capability to charge the AirPods Pro.
– Wireless chargers: These are wireless charging pads that are Qi-certified, an industry standard that denotes they are officially recognized as safe to use with the latest iPhone models. When selecting a wireless portable charger, users need to check whether the pad supports AirPods Pro, as not all wireless chargers do.

Discussion of the features and pros and cons of different portable chargers, with recommendations based on user needs

There is a wide variety of portable chargers on the market, and selecting the right one can be confusing. The features and pros and cons of different portable chargers vary as follows:

– Apple Smart Battery Case: This case is essentially a charging case with a built-in additional battery that provides up to 24 hours of extra listening time. The case is light in weight, and users can recharge both the AirPods Pro and the charging case simultaneously. However, this case is expensive compared to other portable charging alternatives.
– Belkin Boost Charge Portable Wireless Charger+ Stand – This wireless charger can charge both the iPhone and the AirPods Pro simultaneously. The stand design comes with an adjustable charging pad, ideal for users looking for a stable and comfortable charging experience. However, the wireless charging feature might be slower than charging with a lightning cable.
– Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD – This wired charger is tiny, light, and has a high charging capacity. It has a USB-A and USB-C port that can charge the iPhone and AirPods Pro simultaneously. However, users must have their lightning cable for charging the AirPods Pro.

Tips for selecting the best portable charger for AirPods Pro and how to use them effectively

When selecting the best portable charger, users need to consider the following factors:
– Charging Capacity
– Size and Portability
– Wired or Wireless Charging
– Price

Common Charging Issues and Troubleshooting Tips

Common charging issues that users might encounter and the reasons behind them

Some of the common charging issues with AirPods Pro can be due to:
– Charging Case not working
– Unresponsive earbuds
– Charging errors
– Intermittent charging

Troubleshooting tips to solve the common charging issues quickly

– Check the charging case’s battery status
– Remove and reinsert the earbuds from the charging case
– Check the charging pins for dirt or debris
– Reset the AirPods Pro to factory default settings

Discussion of the resources available for additional support

Users who encounter charging issues can visit the Apple Support website for further guidance or seek assistance from an authorized Apple retailer.

Useful Accessories for Charging AirPods Pro

Overview of the accessories that can aid with the charging of AirPods Pro while on-the-go

Users who want to enhance their charging experience can use specific accessories for charging AirPods Pro. These accessories include:
– Carrying Cases with built-in Chargers
– Charging Docks
– Magnetic Straps
– AirPods Grips

Explanation of the features and advantages that each accessory can provide with some recommendation based on user needs

– Carrying Cases with built-in Chargers: Users who are always on the move can take advantage of carrying cases with built-in chargers. These cases come with an in-built battery that can charge AirPods Pro multiple times.
– Charging Docks: Charging Docks can organize all Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and AirPods on one single platform, making it easy for users to manage and charge devices.
– Magnetic Straps: These straps attach to the AirPods Pro and keep them together, ensuring that users never misplace either earbud.
– AirPods Grips: Users who find AirPods Pro slipping out of their ears can purchase grips that provide a tight grip and prevent the AirPods Pro from falling out.

Tips for selecting the most suitable accessory for charging AirPods Pro

When selecting accessories, users need to consider their requirements, budget and check if the accessories are compatible with their AirPods Pro.


This article aimed to provide a comprehensive guide to charging AirPods Pro, maximizing battery life, comparing portable chargers, and troubleshooting common charging issues. By following the step-by-step guide and tips, users should be able to ensure that their AirPods Pro is always ready to go. Additionally, useful accessories can enhance the charging experience. With the help of this guide, users can keep their AirPods Pro running efficiently and improve their overall experience with the earbuds.

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