April 13, 2024
Garfield is one of the most loved cartoon cats. In this article, learn how to draw Garfield easily with a step-by-step guide. Additionally, compare his style with others, use templates, add a personal touch, and improve your technique with useful tips. Discover the best way to unleash your creativity and become a Garfield expert!


It’s hard not to adore Garfield, the orange cat who loves lasagna and takes naps all day long. But have you ever thought about learning how to draw him? Drawing Garfield is a fun and creative way to explore your artistic expression, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist. In this article, we’ll go through a step-by-step guide on how to draw Garfield, compare his style to other popular cartoon cats, offer tips and techniques to improve your skill, and even show you how to add a personal touch to your artwork.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Before we start, grab a pencil, paper, and an eraser. We will begin by drawing Garfield’s body.

Step 1: Draw a medium-sized circle for the head, and a larger circle for the body. Connect the two circles with two curved lines for Garfield’s neck and shoulders.

Step 2: Add Garfield’s arms and legs. Draw two lines from the bottom of the body circle to create Garfield’s legs. Add two curved lines for his arms. Make sure that they are proportional to the body size.

Step 3: Draw Garfield’s hands and feet. For the hands, add four small circles on each arm for the paws. For the feet, add three small circles on each leg for the toes. Also, draw Garfield’s tail, which is a long, curved line.

Step 4: Now let’s add the face details. Draw two large circles for Garfield’s eyes. Leave room in the center of the eyes for the pupils. Draw a small triangle for the nose and an upside-down ‘Y’ shape for the mouth. Add two small triangles above the eyes for Garfield’s eyebrows.

Step 5: Fill in the details. Garfield’s most recognizable characteristics are his stripes and belly. Add horizontal stripes over Garfield’s body and vertical stripes over his tail. Draw a curved line in the middle of Garfield’s stomach and color it white.

Step 6: Erase any unnecessary guidelines or mistakes. Your Garfield drawing is now complete!

Comparison with Other Cartoons

Garfield is one of the most successful cartoon cats of all time, but how does he compare to other cartoon felines?

For instance, Tom, the mischievous cat from ‘Tom and Jerry,’ has a more angular and geometric design than Garfield. Tom’s eyes are large ovals with small pupils, whereas Garfield’s pupils are much larger and take up more space in the eyes. Felix the Cat, on the other hand, has a more slender and elongated body shape than Garfield, with a long tail and skinny legs.

When drawing Garfield, his signature characteristics are his stripes and belly. Make sure to emphasize these in your drawing to make him stand out from other cartoon cats.

Using Templates

If you’re not yet confident enough to draw Garfield freehand, don’t worry. There are plenty of templates available online that you can use as a starting point.

You can find free Garfield templates for all levels of difficulty on websites such as Pinterest and DeviantArt. Download and print the templates, then trace them onto your paper. Alternatively, you can use a light source to trace the lines directly onto the final paper. This method will give you a head start on Garfield’s shape and details, allowing you to focus on the drawing and coloring process!

Tips for Improving Technique

A great way to improve your drawing skills is to practice regularly, and Garfield is the perfect character to help with that! Here are some tips on how to improve your Garfield drawing technique.

Tip 1: Get the proportions right. Pay attention to the size of each body part and how they relate to each other. This will help keep Garfield’s shape in balance.

Tip 2: Learn to shade correctly. Shading is what brings your drawings to life. Add depth and dimension to Garfield’s features by using different shades of gray or colored pencils.

Tip 3: Experiment with different colors. Although Garfield is orange in color, feel free to experiment with different hues and shading techniques. Try adding a variety of color tones to bring out Garfield’s fun personality.

Adding Personal Touch to it

The great thing about drawing Garfield is that you can add your own unique spin to the character.

For instance, you can experiment with Garfield’s facial expressions. Instead of his usual laid-back look, give him an excited or surprised expression. You can also dress him up in different costumes and accessories, such as hats or sunglasses. The sky’s the limit when it comes to adding your personal touch to Garfield’s world.


If you love Garfield, then learning how to draw him is a fantastic hobby to have. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, the step-by-step tutorial in this article should help you create a fantastic Garfield drawing.

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