May 29, 2024
Learn how to evolve Togetic into Togekiss with this complete guide. Tips for using the Shiny Stone, leveling up, breeding, and increasing happiness. Maximize your Togetic's potential today.


Togetic is a fan favorite among Pokemon enthusiasts. Evolving Togetic to Togekiss, however, can be quite challenging. Becoming familiar with its origin, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses could be a game-changer to evolve it successfully. This guide aims to equip players with useful tips and tricks to evolve Togetic in different ways.

Understanding Togetic

Togetic was first introduced in the Pokemon Gold and Silver games. It is a dual-type Pokemon, Fairy, and Flying. Its abilities include Serene Grace, which helps increase the likelihood of moves having additional effects, and Hustle, which increases the attack’s power while reducing accuracy. Togetic is weak against steel, poison, and electric-type moves, while fairy, bug, and fighting-type moves may be less effective.

Before evolving a Pokemon, it is important to understand its features. This information can be used in selecting an accurate method of evolution.

Using Shiny Stone

The Shiny Stone is a useful evolutionary item that can be used on Togetic. It is not a commonly found item and can be obtained in different ways depending on the game version. In most games, the Shiny Stone can be found in specific locations, such as Route 124 in Hoenn or the Poke Pelago in Sun and Moon.

Once you obtain the Shiny Stone, using it to evolve Togetic is easy. You only need to use the stone on Togetic, and it will evolve into Togekiss. To ensure that the process goes smoothly, it is advisable to save your game before using the Shiny Stone.

Leveling up Togetic

Leveling up is the most common way of evolving a Pokemon. To make Togetic evolve, you will need to level it up to level 32. You can earn experience points by participating in battles with other trainers or wild Pokemon. To help reach level 32 quicker, it is advisable to use experience boosters or battle against specific types of Pokemon that Togetic is stronger against.

Breeding Togetic

Breeding is another method of evolving Togetic. However, it is advisable only to use this method when necessary, as it significantly reduces the parent Pokemon’s happiness. To breed Togetic, you will need a male or female Togetic and a compatible partner from another Pokemon species.

You can breed Togetic to get a Togepi, and once it hatches and reaches level 32, it can evolve into Togekiss. Breeding can prove beneficial if you are looking for a Togetic with specific stats or moves.

Maximizing Happiness

Togetic’s happiness plays an essential role in its evolution. Ensuring that it has a high happiness level increases the likelihood of evolving it. To boost Togetic’s happiness, players can participate in battles and give it specific items such as Soothe Bell or vitamins. Additionally, avoid keeping Togetic in storage for an extended period, which could reduce its happiness.

A high happiness level can also result in Togetic’s increased stats and chances of evolving into Togekiss when it levels up.

Transfer from Older Generations

Transferring Togetic from older games to newer versions can be a bit challenging. Nintendo offers different methods to transfer, depending on your game version. It’s best to research the specific requirements for your game version. Additionally, in some games, the evolution process may differ from the current one, so learning the particular differences is crucial.

Understanding Togekiss

Togekiss, like Togetic, is a dual-type Fairy/Flying Pokemon. However, Togekiss has different abilities that make it unique, such as Serene Grace and Super Luck. To maximize Togekiss’s potential, players can focus on boosting its health and special defense stats. Nevertheless, keep in mind that Togekiss requires a different path of evolution, so it’s essential to know these differences.


In conclusion, Togetic is a rare and exciting Pokemon that requires specific techniques to evolve. Understanding its abilities, strengths, and weaknesses are essential to evolving it. Players can opt to evolve it using the Shiny Stone, leveling it up, or breeding. To improve your chances of evolving the Pokemon successfully, ensure it has maximum happiness and that you understand individual evolution requirements. Finally, remember that Togekiss is a different Pokemon from Togetic, and evolving it requires a different method.

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