April 15, 2024
Discover the best tips and tricks for identifying unknown callers without breaking the bank. From phone number databases to social media and even Google, you'll have all the tools you need to take control of your phone and protect yourself from unwanted calls and scams.


Receiving calls from unknown numbers can be unnerving. It could be a potential employer, a long-lost friend, or even a scammer. No matter the reason, identifying an unknown caller can be a tough task. Fortunately, in today’s world of technology, there are ways to discover who these unknown callers are. This article will provide tips and tricks for identifying unknown callers for free.

Research and recommend free phone number databases

Phone number databases are a collection of phone numbers that are available to the public. The information contained in these databases includes the names associated with the numbers, addresses, and sometimes even emails. Two reliable and free services for tracking unknown callers are Whitepages and Truecaller.

Whitepages offers a variety of search options, including phone number search. Simply entering the phone number and clicking the ‘search’ button can return information about the caller, including their name, address, and even their age. Truecaller works similarly, and the added bonus of this service is that it can identify spam calls as well.

Suggest using reverse phone lookup services

Another effective way to identify unknown callers is to use reverse phone lookup services. These services allow you to search for information about a phone number, such as the caller’s name, address, and sometimes even their social media profiles. Popular reverse phone lookup online directories include Spokeo and Intelius.

To use these services, simply enter the unknown phone number into the search bar and click ‘search.’ The directories will scour their databases for information about the number. In some cases, these services will require you to pay for additional information, but often the initial results are enough to identify the caller.

Describe how to use Facebook and other social media platforms

Many individuals share their personal information, including phone numbers, on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Using this information, it’s possible to identify an unknown caller.

To perform a social media search, simply enter the phone number into the search bar on the platform and hit ‘search.’ If the phone number is associated with a profile, it should show up in the search results. From there, it’s possible to view the individual’s profile and gather additional information about them.

Provide tips on how to avoid spam calls and identify spam numbers

Spam calls and numbers are becoming more and more prevalent. These calls can be annoying, bothersome, and can even scam individuals out of their hard-earned money. To avoid receiving spam calls, it’s important to block and report any numbers associated with them.

To block a number on most smartphones, simply go to the phone app and select the call log. Find the number you want to block and click on it. From there, select the ‘block’ option. This will prevent calls and messages from that number from coming through. Additionally, enabling the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode will prevent calls from coming through unless they are from contacts on your pre-approved list.

Write a detailed guide on how to use Google to track down an unknown caller

Google search and Google Maps can be powerful tools for tracking down unknown callers. By performing a simple search, it’s possible to identify the owner of the unknown number.

To begin the search, simply enter the phone number into the search bar and hit ‘search.’ Google will scan the web for any information associated with the number. In some cases, this will result in finding the owner. Additionally, Google Maps can be used to identify the location of the caller. By entering the number into the search bar on Google Maps, it’s possible to see where the call is originating from.


Identifying an unknown caller can be a tough task, but with these tips and tricks, it’s possible to get some answers without spending a dime. Remember to always be cautious when receiving calls from unknown numbers, and if something doesn’t feel right, it’s better to err on the side of caution. By using these methods and staying vigilant, you can take back control of your phone and protect yourself from unwanted calls and scams.

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