December 1, 2023
Learn how to fold your pants efficiently with these three space-saving methods: Rolling Method, KonMari Method, and Hanging Method. These methods will help you make the most of your space whether you're storing clothes in a drawer, suitcase, or closet.


If you’re anything like most people, your wardrobe can get a little cluttered. Between seasonal clothes, work attire, and favorite pieces that you can’t bear to part with, it’s easy to run out of room in your closet or suitcase. The solution to this problem lies in efficient folding, specifically when it comes to pants. By altering the way you fold your pants, you can create space you never knew you had and keep your clothes in better shape.

The Standard Method of Folding Pants

When it comes to folding pants, most of us were taught to fold them in half, with one leg on top of the other, before folding them in half again. While this traditional method is simple and quick, it’s not the most space-efficient way to fold pants. This is where alternative folding methods come in handy.

Rolling Method

The rolling method is a tried-and-true way to save space when packing a suitcase or using a drawer. To use this method, fold each pant leg upward so that it’s parallel with the waistband. Then, fold the pants in half vertically and roll them from the waistband down to the hem. This technique maximizes drawer space by allowing you to stand your folded pants up next to one another, rather than stacking them, which often causes wrinkles and creases. Rolling pants while packing also helps to prevent creases and wrinkles.

KonMari Method

The KonMari method emphasizes organizing your clothes and maximizing space in your dresser drawers. The method also focuses on preserving the shape of your clothes while saving space. To use the KonMari method to fold pants, start by folding one leg inward toward the center of the pants. Then, fold the other leg inward the same way. Finally, fold the waistband down to create a rectangle. This method aligns all the leg seams, resulting in a stack that stands on its own. Not only does this method save space in your dresser drawers, but it also keeps your pants wrinkle-free and in good condition.

Hanging Method

The hanging method of folding dress pants and slacks is a great way to save space in a crowded closet. To use this method, fold your pants in half vertically so that one leg overlays the other. Then, fold the pants in half horizontally, with the waistband at the top. Attach a pant hanger near the center of the waistband. This method ensures that your pants remain wrinkle-free and prevents them from creeping off the hanger and becoming a wrinkled mess at the bottom of your closet.

Practical Tips

In addition to alternative folding methods, there are other practical tips to keep in mind to ensure that your pants remain space efficient. It’s best to iron your pants before folding them to prevent unwanted creases. This guarantees that your pants remain wrinkle free and take up minimal space in the closet or suitcase. You can also place your pants in a garment bag when traveling or storing them. A garment bag ensures that your pants remain safe and secure while taking up as little space as possible.


With these tips in mind, it’s clear that there are several ways to fold your pants that will save space and keep your clothes in good condition. Whether you’re rolling your pants for travel, using the KonMari folding method for your dresser drawers, or hanging dress pants to save room in your closet, these techniques guarantee that your pants remain organized and easily accessible. So next time you’re organizing your wardrobe, think outside of the box when it comes to how you fold your pants.

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