May 20, 2024
Learn the best tips and strategies to acquire a lot of gold in ASTD, from farming to auctions and more. Become a master of in-game economy with this comprehensive guide.

I. Introduction

ASTD is a popular strategy game that has quickly become one of the most played games online. In the game, players are required to gather resources and build their armies to fend off enemy attacks while amassing wealth. The primary currency in the game is gold, and players require vast amounts of it to be successful. The challenge most players face is how to get enough gold in the game without staying all day long. This article explores various tips and strategies that players can use to make lots of gold in ASTD.

II. Farming for Gold

Farming is one of the most popular and effective ways of making gold in ASTD. It involves gathering resources in the game and exchanging them for gold. To farm effectively, players must be consistent and focus on the most lucrative activities. Here are some techniques that can help players amass gold:

A. Running Daily Quests

ASTD has several daily quests available, and they can be a fantastic source of gold. Players earn a bonus for completing these quests regularly, and the amount increases the more times they complete them. These quests require little effort and can be done quickly and repeatedly, making them an excellent way of making gold in ASTD.

B. Selling Items

Selling items is another great way to make gold in ASTD. After completing missions, players can accumulate valuable items that they do not intend to use. Instead of storing them or discarding them, players can choose to sell them to others in the trading section of the game. Crafted items are usually the most valuable, and it is advisable to create an inventory of them, sell them and use the gold to make more items to sell and accumulate even more gold.

C. Completing Missions

Completing missions is one of the most straightforward ways to make gold in ASTD. The game offers various missions that allow players to earn gold by completing them. These missions include tasks such as killing monsters, delivering packages, and rescuing hostages. The more missions players complete, the more gold they earn.

D. Taking Advantage of Seasonal Events

ASTD usually has seasonal events that allow players to earn gold and collect valuable items. During these events, players can access exclusive missions, rare monsters, and other unique rewards. Participating in these events can be an excellent way to accumulate gold in large amounts quickly.

III. Efficient Money Management

Managing money effectively is one of the most important things that players can do to get a lot of gold in ASTD. Players need to know what items to buy and sell, how to maximize profits from specific professions and have tips on using gold wisely. Here are some key points to keep in mind when managing gold:

A. Introduction to Managing Money in ASTD

Managing money in ASTD is essential to becoming a successful player. Players can start by keeping track of their income, expenses and creating a detailed budget. By keeping track of every coin they earn and spend, players will be better placed to make informed decisions when it comes to making purchases and saving money.

B. Advice on What Items to Buy or Sell

Knowing what items to buy and sell is critical to making a lot of gold in ASTD. Players must know what items are in high demand, and those that are in low demand. It is advisable to specialize in a particular category of items to become an expert in it and determine the best time to buy or sell.

C. Maximizing Profits from Specific Professions

Professions such as blacksmithing, leatherworking, and alchemy can be an excellent source of gold if players master them. Players can create items such as weapons, armor, and potions and then sell them for a good price to others on the trading section of the game.

D. Tips on Using Gold Wisely

Using gold wisely is key to accumulating more gold in ASTD. Players must prioritize their expenses, such as buying
essential resources like food, weapons, and building materials. It is also wise to invest in training for soldiers and upgrading castles or strongholds. Avoid overspending or making impulse purchases that could end up creating financial constraints, especially when gold volumes are small.

IV. Crafting

Crafting is another excellent way to earn gold in ASTD. Crafting involves producing rare or high-demand items that are likely to fetch high prices. Here are some key points to keep in mind when thinking about gold crafting:

A. Importance of Crafting in ASTD

Crafting is essential to mastering the in-game economy in ASTD. It allows players to create valuable items that are useful in the game and can also be sold for gold, making it easier to amass wealth and complete tasks quickly.

B. Which Crafts to Focus on

The best crafts to focus on are those that are currently in demand by other players. Players can use the trading section of the game to determine which crafts are profitable. Examples of the most popular crafts include blacksmithing, leatherworking, and alchemy.

C. Crafting Items that can Sell Quickly and for a Good Price

To make the most out of crafting, players must specialize in items that sell quickly and for a good price. Depending on the category of items they are interested in, players can use the trading section of the game or inquire from other players about the most popular items. Players must also consider the resources required to create these items to avoid using precious resources that may be better spent elsewhere.

V. Participating in Events

Events are an excellent way to earn gold in ASTD. They usually involve missions that require players to complete specific tasks and earn unique rewards. Here are some tips on how to participate in events effectively:

A. Explanation of In-game Events

In-game events are activities that the game developers organize to keep the game exciting and provide players with new challenges. These events have specific objectives that players need to reach, and they offer rewards that include gold, rare items, and special bonuses.

B. Highlighting Events that can Earn Players Gold

Some events are more lucrative than others when it comes to making gold. Events that require players to kill rare monsters, deliver valuable items, or explore new territories, for instance, offer more gold than those that require minimal effort. Players must know what these events are to participate effectively.

C. Tips on How to Participate Effectively

Effective participation in events requires players to be well-informed, well-prepared, and ready to collaborate with other players. Players must watch out for announcements of upcoming events and understand the objectives of each event. They must also gather the necessary resources to participate in the event and prepare their equipment, soldiers and battle strategies accordingly. Collaborating with other players can also make tasks easier and increase the chance of earning more gold or rare items.

VI. Making Use of Auctions

Auctions are one of the most effective ways of making gold in ASTD. Auctions provide players with a platform to buy or sell valuable items, resources, and rare items. Here are some tips on how to use auctions efficiently:

A. Introduction to the Auction House

The auction house is where players can trade valuable items and resources for gold or other items. It is an excellent way to dispose of items that a player no longer needs or to acquire items that can help them grow their wealth.

B. Effective Ways to Make Money Through Auctions

Effective ways of making money through auctions involve buying or selling high-demand items at strategic times. Players can make money by selling rare items, legendary equipment, or items that are in high demand but tend to be rare in the game. They can also buy these items when the prices are low and sell them when they are in demand, making a profit on the difference.

C. Tips on What Items to Buy, When to Buy/Sell

Players must know what items to buy or sell, when to buy or sell and how to calculate the prices for these items. For instance, prices for valuable items tend to go up during seasonal events or when there’s an increase in demand. In contrast, prices for common items tend to be low and may not be lucrative.

VII. Farming for Rare Items

Players can also farm for rare items in ASTD and sell them for gold. Rare items are valuable because they are usually hard to come by or are highly demanded by other players. Here are some key points on how to farm rare items in ASTD:

A. Explanation of Rare Items in ASTD

Rare items are items that are difficult to come by in the game. They are usually more valuable than other commonly found items, and players can earn more gold by selling them.

B. Farming Strategies for Obtaining Rare Items

To farm for rare items, players have to grind and explore the game. Farming requires players to target specific areas of the game where rare items are expected to spawn and explore and kill every monster in that area. They must also ensure that they have specialized equipment and weapons to make it easier to defeat rare monsters and increase their chances of obtaining rare items.

C. Selling Rare Items for Gold

Rare items can fetch a lot of gold when sold to other players through auctions. Players must determine the market value of the rare item they intend to sell, list it in the auction house at a reasonable price, and wait for other players to show interest and bid for the item.

VIII. Playing with Friends

Playing with friends is an excellent way to earn more gold in ASTD. Here are some of the benefits of teaming up with other players:

A. Explanation of Benefits of Teaming up with Other Players

Teaming up with other players can provide valuable synergies, making it easier to gather resources, complete missions, and earn gold. Players can share resources and knowledge to gain an advantage in the game. They can also collaborate to take down more massive enemy armies than they can alone.

B. Sharing Resources

Players can share their resources with other players to get more gold. For instance, one player may specialize in crafting, while the other focuses on farming. By combining their efforts, the two players can create valuable items and sell them for gold.

C. Avoiding Excessive Spending

Players who play with friends can avoid overspending by sharing the burden of expenses. Players must keep in mind that overspending on resources will put a strain on their finances and prevent them from growing their wealth effectively.

IX. Conclusion

This article has provided tips and strategies that players can use to get a lot of gold in ASTD. From farming to auctions, crafting to participating in events, the strategies presented here can help players amass wealth and grow their holdings. Remember, managing money effectively is crucial in ASTD. Players who learn how to use their resources wisely, specialize in crafting, sell valuable or rare items, and team up with other players will undoubtedly succeed. With these tips, players can become an expert in-game economy in ASTD and secure their position as one of the top players in the game.

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