February 24, 2024
Learn how to earn coins in Overwatch with this comprehensive guide that covers everything from leveling up to participating in limited-time events and playing certain game modes. Discover tips for accumulating coins, investing in the best skins, farming coins AFK, and the fastest ways to earn coins.


Overwatch is a popular online multiplayer game that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. One of the many enjoyable aspects of the game is the ability to customize your character with unique skins. However, acquiring skins can be an arduous task because it requires earning coins.

So how do players earn coins in Overwatch? This comprehensive guide will provide readers with all of the information they need on how to earn coins and make the most out of them.

The Ultimate Guide to Earning Coins in Overwatch

1. Leveling up to earn loot boxes

One of the primary ways to earn coins in Overwatch is to level up and receive loot boxes. These loot boxes have a chance to include skins, sprays, voice lines, and other customization items. However, players will often receive duplicates. When this happens, the duplicate items will automatically transform into coins, which can then be used to purchase other items.

Players can earn a loot box after they gain another level. The higher the level, the more loot boxes per level the player can earn. For example, players can earn one loot box for leveling up at levels 1-5, two at levels 6-10, and one more for every ten levels up to level 90.

To level up faster, players should focus on getting medals during games. These medals depend on the player’s performance in the following categories – damage dealt, healing done, and objective time. The more medals earned, the faster a player will level up.

2. Completing achievements that reward coins

Overwatch has several in-game achievements that reward players with coins. Players can earn these achievements by performing specific tasks, like dealing a certain amount of damage or healing, getting a specific number of headshots or finishing a game mode quickly. Players can locate these achievements in the Career Profile section of the game.

Some achievements can be more challenging to achieve than others, so players may benefit from focusing on a particular group of achievements to accomplish. Successfully completing an achievement can earn players a few hundred coins.

3. Participating in limited-time events that reward coins

Occasionally, Blizzard hosts limited-time events in Overwatch that can reward players with exclusive skins, sprays, and other items. These events can last for several weeks or even days, such as the Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland, and Lunar New Year events. Players who participate in these events by completing challenges can earn coins for their efforts.

For example, during the Summer Games event, players can earn competitive points for playing matches and winning, which can be used to purchase exclusive skins. The Winter Wonderland event also allows players to earn loot boxes that have a chance to contain holiday-themed skins, sprays, and player icons. Players should check the Overwatch News page for more information on upcoming events.

4. Selling duplicates from loot boxes

As mentioned previously, players can receive duplicates from loot boxes which will transform into coins. Players can sell duplicates by clicking the “Sell Duplicates” button from the loot box menu. Duplicates can be sold for a fraction of their original coin value. This can be an excellent way to accumulate coins if players have a significant amount of duplicates.

5. Using the Overwatch League Tokens to unlock exclusive skins

The Overwatch League is the premier professional esports league for Overwatch. Blizzard has introduced Overwatch League Tokens (OWL tokens) to provide financial support to the league and its teams. Players can purchase OWL tokens with real money and use them to unlock exclusive skins for their characters. A portion of the revenue from OWL tokens is given to the team(s) that the player selects.

5 Secret Tips to Accumulating Coins in Overwatch

1. Winning Mystery Heroes and other game modes

Mystery Heroes is an arcade game mode where players are randomly assigned a hero for each respawn. Winning this game mode requires teamwork and communication, and it is one of the most rewarding arcade games with regard to earning medals, XP, and coins.

Other arcade game modes that can also be lucrative for earning coins include Total Mayhem, Capture the Flag, and Uprising. Players who are skilled in these game modes may find it easier to win and earn rewards.

2. Playing during off-seasons to earn competitive points

Off-seasons occur between competitive seasons and are great opportunities for players to earn competitive points. Competitive points can be used to purchase exclusive golden weapons and other items. They are awarded to players who participate in competitive games, with the number received being based on where the player finishes during the season.

3. Following certain channels or websites for bonus events

Players can follow certain Overwatch Twitch and YouTube channels as well as websites dedicated to Overwatch news and updates. These channels and websites often offer bonus events and promotions that reward players with coins, loot boxes, or exclusive skins. These bonus events are time-limited, so players should follow these channels regularly and take advantage of these opportunities.

4. Referring friends to join Overwatch

Players can refer their friends to join Overwatch and receive rewards for doing so. Rewards can include exclusive skins and coins. Players can send friend referrals from the “Refer-a-Friend” menu in the game’s options interface.

5. Playing at certain times of day or days of the week to take advantage of bonus rewards

Blizzard occasionally offers bonus rewards for playing Overwatch at certain times of day or days of the week. These rewards can include bonus XP, coins, or loot boxes. Players who are looking to earn more coins can take advantage of these opportunities by playing Overwatch during these promotions.

The Best Skins to Invest Your Coins In

There are a plethora of skins available in Overwatch, and each character has several skins to choose from. However, not all skins are created equally. Some skins require a significant amount of coins to unlock, while others may not be worth the effort.

Here are some of the best skins that players can invest their coins in:

1. Classic skins

Classic skins are cheaper and provide a subtle design change to the character. These skins offer good value for their price as they can cost as low as 75 coins. Classic skins will allow players to stand out as unique without having to spend too many coins.

2. Event skins

Event skins are exclusive to limited-time events and are harder to come by. These skins are usually priced higher (3000 coins) than classic skins, but they offer a unique design that only comes around once a year. Players should save their coins in advance if they have their eyes set on a particular skin from an event.

3. Legendary skins

Legendary skins provide players with a notable design change for the character. These skins are usually priced around 1000 coins but can cost as high as 3000 coins. Players should invest in legendary skins if they want to customize their characters’ appearance significantly.

4. Overwatch League skins

Overwatch League skins provide players with a way of supporting their favorite team while showing off a unique design. They are priced at 100 OWL tokens (around $5), with a percentage of the revenue going to the team. Players should purchase Overwatch League skins if they want to support a specific team or if they want to show off their fan status.

How to Farm Coins AFK in Overwatch

AFK farming is a way to earn coins without actively playing the game. Although it’s considered against the game’s terms of service, some players may still choose to do it.

Players can farm coins AFK by starting a custom game against AI bots and leaving the game running. Players should disable the “Kick for inactivity” option to avoid being disconnected from the game. An important note is that farming coins AFK can be risky, as Blizzard can permanently ban players from the game for violating its terms of service.

The Fastest Ways to Earn Coins in Overwatch

1. Completing easy achievements that reward coins

Some achievements are easier to accomplish than others and can provide players with a few hundred coins. Players should focus on the easier achievements to earn coins quickly.

2. Playing arcade games that offer bonus coin rewards

Players can earn bonus coin rewards for playing arcade games like Total Mayhem, Mystery Heroes, and Capture the Flag. These game modes are often rewarding for accumulating coins quickly.

3. Buying skins exclusively with coins instead of loot boxes

Players can purchase skins exclusively with coins instead of buying loot boxes, which may contain duplicate items that convert into coins. Investing coins exclusively in skins guarantees that players get the item they want without relying on luck from loot boxes.

4. Other quick ways to earn coins

Players can earn coins quickly by performing specific roles in competitive games, like playing support heroes or dealing damage. Players can also avoid leaving games mid-session to prevent penalties, accumulate coins by sticking to a group of heroes to increase proficiency, and stay away from buying loot boxes unless necessary if they are looking to earn coins quickly.


Earning coins in Overwatch is achievable with the right approach and a little patience. Players can accumulate coins by leveling up, completing achievements, participating in events, selling duplicates, and using OWL tokens. Farming coins AFK can be tempting, but it’s risky enough to lose access to the game permanently. The best skins to invest coins in include classic skins, event skins, legendary skins, and Overwatch League skins. Players can earn coins quickly by performing specific roles, playing arcade games, and buying skins exclusively with coins.

Despite the effort required to earn coins, customization is a significant aspect of Overwatch, ensuring that players keep coming back for more. So, keep at it; save up coins; and acquire the skins you always wanted to make your hero the shine in any match.

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