April 17, 2024
Discover the best tips and tricks to earn Pokecoins in Pokemon Go fast and effectively. This guide reveals the main ways players can earn Pokecoins, including playing in Gyms, completing daily tasks, participating in raid battles, spending real money, attending events, competing in PvP Battles, and referring friends to the game. Learn how to achieve your gaming goals with Pokecoins in Pokemon Go!

How to Get Pokecoins: A Guide for Pokemon Go Players

Pokemon Go is a popular game that has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. It allows players to catch, train, and battle their Pokemon, all while exploring the real world. However, as enjoyable as the game is, it can be challenging to progress without Pokecoins, the game’s virtual currency. In this article, we will explore various ways Pokemon Go players can earn more Pokecoins to further their gaming experience.

Playing in Gyms

Gyms are one of the key features of Pokemon Go. They are locations where players can battle against other players’ Pokemon. Players can earn Pokecoins when their Pokemon successfully defends a Gym. To do this, they need to place their Pokemon in a Gym, and when another player battles their Pokemon and loses, the player gets rewarded with Pokecoins.

Players can also earn Pokecoins when they buy a “defense bonus.” This bonus can only be purchased with Pokecoins and lasts for 21 hours. During this time, players will receive Pokecoins every time their Pokemon successfully defends a Gym. The more Gyms a player’s Pokemon defends, the more Pokecoins they get.

Completing Daily Tasks

Pokemon Go offers daily tasks for players to complete, such as catching a certain number of Pokemon or spinning Pokestops. By completing these tasks, players can earn rewards, including Pokecoins. Players can view their daily tasks by clicking on the Field Research icon.

To maximize their Pokecoin rewards, players should focus on completing the tasks that offer the most significant rewards. They should also try to complete as many tasks as possible within the allotted time. Once a player completes enough daily tasks, they can earn a research breakthrough rewards, which includes a chance to earn Pokecoins.

Participating in Raid Battles

Raid battles are group battles against powerful Pokemon. They require a group of players to work together to defeat the Pokemon. When players win a raid battle, they earn rewards, including Pokecoins. The number of Pokecoins earned depends on the level of the raid battle and the player’s level in the game.

To increase their chances of earning Pokecoins, players should participate in as many raid battles as possible. They should also try to join raid battles with other players as the rewards are dependent on the number of players who participated in the battle.

Spending Real Money

Players can purchase Pokecoins through in-app purchases. This option allows players to quickly and easily buy the virtual currency, but it does require spending real money. Players can choose from several bundles, with each bundle offering a different number of Pokecoins.

While buying Pokecoins through in-app purchases is the most straightforward method, it is only recommended for players who are willing to spend real money. The other methods in this guide allow players to earn Pokecoins without spending anything.

Participating in Events

Pokemon Go offers many events that players can participate in, including limited-time research tasks and community events. These events offer the chance to earn rewards, including Pokecoins. Players can view the upcoming events by clicking on the “Today” tab, then the “Events” tab.

Players should make a habit of participating in as many events as possible to maximize their Pokecoin rewards. They should also check the “Today” tab regularly to stay up-to-date on upcoming events.

Competing in PvP Battles

PvP Battles are battles between two players’ Pokemon. They are a new feature that allows players to battle their friends or strangers around the world. Players can earn Pokecoins for competing in PvP Battles. The number of Pokecoins earned depends on the player’s level and the number of battles they participate in.

To earn the most Pokecoins, players should battle as often as possible and with different players. Players should also keep track of their win-loss record as overall performance can help determine Pokecoin bonuses.

Encouraging Friends to Play

Pokemon Go offers a “Refer a Friend” program. Players can refer their friends to the game, and when their friends reach a certain level, the player receives a bonus of Pokecoins. To refer a friend, players need to click on the “Friends” tab and select “Invite Friends.”

Players can easily invite their friends through social media platforms or by sharing a referral link. They should also help their friends reach the required level by giving them tips and advice on how to play.


Overall, there are many ways Pokemon Go players can earn Pokecoins. By participating in Gyms, completing daily tasks, participating in raid battles, attending events, competing in PvP Battles, and referring friends to the game, players can earn Pokecoins quickly and efficiently. By taking advantage of all these methods, players can maximize their Pokecoin rewards and progress much faster in the game.

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