March 1, 2024
This article provides tips for holding a wine glass properly, what your glass hold says about you, and wine glass faux pas to avoid. It also explains the considerate art of the wine glass swirl to elevate your wine game and hold your glass with confidence at any dinner party or social gathering, even if you're the host!.


Have you ever found yourself awkwardly holding a wine glass, unsure of how to confidently grasp it without spilling or looking foolish? The truth is, many of us aren’t quite sure how to hold a wine glass correctly, and it’s easy to understand why. Different types of wine require different glasses, which can require different holds. However, the way we hold our glasses can also convey subtle messages about ourselves and our level of confidence and expertise. In this article, we’ll provide you with practical tips for holding your wine glass like a pro, explore what your glass hold says about you, uncover wine glass faux pas to avoid, and teach you the art of the wine glass swirl.

5 Simple Tips for Holding a Wine Glass Like a Pro

Positioning the stem between your middle and ring fingers is the most commonly effective way to hold a wine glass. This ensures that no smudges get on the bowl or alter the temperature of the composition. By holding the stem in this way, you also avoid warming the temperature of the wine with the heat from your hand.

Avoid gripping the bowl of the glass. It might feel like the most balanced way to hold it, but it will quickly change the temperature of the contents and put unsightly fingerprints all over your elegant glasses.

Keep your thumb and index finger fairly close together. This will allow you to control the positioning of the glass with more ease while still delivering an elegant appearance.

What Your Wine Glass Hold Says About You

Believe it or not, the way you hold your wine glass can reveal a lot about your personality to others. Here are a few examples of different types of wine glass holds and what messages they might convey:

– Two fingers: holding the wine glass with your thumb and forefinger only might indicate a lack of confidence or a lack of familiarity with wine culture. To avoid this, use the tips above to hold your wine glass with the confidence of a connoisseur.

– Base hold: gripping the base of the wine glass suggests a lack of experience or knowledge about proper wine etiquette, it might also convey anxiety, so choose the flexible and comfortable stem hold instead.

– Pinky finger: contrary to conventional thought, holding the wine glass with your pinky out does not indicate sophistication or class; actually, it can be viewed as rude or even pretentious. Only do this if necessary for finger placement, and don’t overdo it.

Wine Glass Holding Faux Pas to Avoid

While we’ve covered a few of the most frequently recognized faux pas so far, the fact is that many of us probably engage in one or more less-than-graceful wine glass holds without even realizing it. Here are some examples of bad techniques and how to combat them:

– Wrapping your hand around the bowl of the glass: as we’ve noted, this will affect the temperature of the wine. Stick to the base or stem hold instead.

– Holding your glass by the rim: this gives off a bellhop impression, So avoid it for a luxurious dinner table look.

– Pouring too much wine into the glass: It’s a common error, but a costly one. Not only does it waste your wine, but it also creates an impression of unrefinement and clumsiness.

The Art of the Wine Glass Swirl

Swirling your wine is not just for show. While it can look quite sophisticated, swirling wine also allows oxygen to interact with the wine creating a better taste and smell. Give it a try:

– Hold the glass by the stem with your thumb and index finger just above the base.

– Gently move the glass in a circular motion, it’s best to start with small circles and gradually increase in size until you reach a steady, fluid motion.

Elevate Your Wine Game: Holding Your Glass with Confidence

As we’ve discussed, holding your wine glass properly doesn’t just keep you from looking or feeling awkward; it also sends a message to others about your level of confidence and expertise in the world of wine. By employing the tips in this article, you’re on your way to holding your wine glass like a pro.


Now you have the essential tools to hold your wine glass with confidence and style. Remember to hold the stem between your middle and ring fingers, and avoid gripping the bowl. The subtle messages we send with our wine glass hold are many, so choose your grip and make it a reflection of your personality. Along with the tips provided in this article that will help to ensure you look sophisticated with elegance, it’s no wonder why wine enthusiasts pay so much attention to this aspect of wine drinking.

Don’t be afraid to practice these wine glass holding techniques in your own home or at your next social gathering.

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