May 27, 2024
Looking for ways to carry more items in Skyrim? Learn effective tips and strategies to increase your carry weight by investing in perks and attributes, using items and enchantments, organizing inventory, and using mods. Unleash your creativity by making carry weight a fun challenge and assume the role of a specific character. Find out more in this informative article on increasing carry weight in Skyrim.

How to Increase Carry Weight in Skyrim: Tips and Strategies

Skyrim is one of the most popular open-world RPG games out there, and for good reason. The game is immersive, offers a range of choices, and has a vast world to explore. However, one of the biggest challenges players face is low carry weight. Carrying too many items can be a problem when you’re exploring dungeons, fighting enemies or travelling long distances. Fortunately, there are several strategies and tips that can help you overcome this challenge. In this article, we will dive into the most effective ways to increase your carry weight in Skyrim.

Perks and Attributes

Perks and attributes are the most reliable means of increasing your carry weight in Skyrim. By investing in the right perks and attributes, your character’s carrying capacity can increase exponentially. One of the best attributes to consider for increasing carry weight is Stamina. The higher your stamina, the more you can carry. Similarly, investing in certain perks can also give you a much needed boost.

One such perk worth considering is ‘Extra Pockets’ which increases your base carrying capacity by 100 points. It lasts forever and does not get reduced by damage. Another excellent perk is ‘Pack Mule’ which increases your carry capacity by 50 points while wearing light armor and 100 points while wearing heavy armor. This perk is especially useful while playing as a warrior with heavy armor.

Another way to increase your carry weight is to choose the right race and standing stone. For instance, the Orc race has a permanent ability called ‘Berserker Rage’ that doubles their damage and provides them with enhanced mobility. Similarly, the Steed Stone blessing provides 100 points of extra carry capacity.

Items and Enchantments

Another way to increase your carry weight is by using items and enchantments. While some items can be found, others can be crafted or bought from vendors. Crafting is always the best option as it allows you to create items that are customised to your needs. Some of the most effective items for increasing carry weight in Skyrim include the ‘Amulet of Light’ and ‘The Gauldur Amulet’. Both of these amulets increase your carry weight by 30 points.

Enchantments are also a great way to increase carry weight. One effective way to do this is by enchanting your clothing and jewelry with the ‘Fortify Carry Weight’ enchantment. This enchantment will give you an extra 25 or 50 points of carry weight per enchanted item, depending on the magnitude of the enchantment.

Organizational Tips

Effective organization is key to increasing your carrying capacity. By organizing your inventory, you can decide what items you want to keep, sell, or drop. In addition, you can store surplus items in containers, or with your followers. There are a few essential organizational tips that can vastly improve your carrying capacity. First, keep a list of what items you need, so you do not take with you what is not necessary. Second, label your containers, so you know what is inside. Third, be sure to drop any unnecessary weight such as books, troll skulls, bowls, etc., which do not add much value to your gameplay.

It is also important to use every possible resource to your advantage. For instance, using your followers for storage is a great way to free up some extra space in your inventory. You can also use containers to store items found on your adventure.

Consider Mods

Skyrim is among the most mod-friendly games out there. Mods can not only increase your carry weight but can also make the gameplay more fun. Some of the most popular mods include ‘Bandolier’ and ‘Immersive Armors.’ These mods offer different types of bags or backpacks that increase carry weight.

Another popular mod is ‘SkyUI,’ which provides an enhanced inventory management system. This mod declutters the standard inventory UI and makes it more efficient to use.

Make it Fun

Carry weight can be a fun aspect of gameplay when you approach it with creativity. One way to make it more interesting is to use your magical powers to carry things. You can use spells like ‘Conjure Familiar,’ which summons a creature that can carry items for you. Your followers themselves can be used creatively as well. They can be used as ‘mobile warehouses’ to increase your carrying capacity.

Another creative way to increase carry weight is through role-play. Assume the identity of specific characters such as a merchant, pack mule, explorer, or scavenger. This will help you identify with the character and prioritize what you need to carry. You can also reinforce this idea by adding dialogue or dress up the part of the character. This will make the gameplay more fun and engaging.


In conclusion, there are several effective strategies and tips to increase carry weight in Skyrim. By using perks and attributes, items and enchantments, organizational tricks, and mods, you can carry more than you thought was possible. Make sure to get creative with your gameplay and explore different methods to find what works best for you. Try out some of the tips and ideas explored in this article and let us know which tips have worked for you in the comments below.

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