February 24, 2024
Are you struggling to increase your Snap-Score? This article dives into all the features on Snapchat used to increase snap-score. We explore ways to increase snap frequency, posting quality snaps, adding more friends, engaging with others, ways to maintain snap-streaks, and a few more bonus tips. Follow these tips, and you will be sure to increase your snap-score by 1000 in no time.


Are you tired of your snap score not increasing no matter how many snaps you send? It can be frustrating to see no progress on your dash. Your snap score is a representation of your interactions on the platform, and it is calculated by taking into account the number of snaps you send and receive, amongst other factors. This article will teach you how to increase your snap score by 1000.

Using Snaps More Frequently

The most crucial factor in increasing your snap score is the number of snaps you send and receive. The more snaps you send and receive, the higher the possibility of your snap score increasing. You can increase your snap frequency by adding more friends to your account, participating in snap challenges, and using Snapchat’s filters and lenses. Consistency is key in snapping.Keep sending snaps on a regular basis to increase your snap score over time.

Posting Quality Content

While it’s important to send more snaps, it’s equally important to post good quality snaps. The higher the quality of your content, the more views you can expect and the more snap score points you can earn. Use filters, add captions, and lenses to make your snaps more eye-catching. This will make your snaps more shareable and will help you gain more audience engagement.

Adding More Friends

The more friends you have on Snapchat, the more people there are to view your snaps, which leads to more engagement and more snap score points. Adding more friends is a straightforward way to increase your snap score. Look for your friends or people you know who are using the platform, or follow celebrities, artists, and brands who you want to see and be part of. Don’t forget to follow back your followers too. This helps maintain engagement and ensures a steady increase in snap score points.

Engaging with Others

You can connect and engage with other users through Snapchat’s chat features, comments, and snap streaks. Interacting with others on the platform, replying to snaps, commenting on stories, and sending snaps back enables you to form meaningful connections with others. This helps increase user engagement and is an excellent way to increase your snap score. Keeping snap streaks alive, which is essentially back-and-forth snap exchange with a friend for an unbroken period of at least two consecutive days, is a great way to keep engagement steady and increase snap-score.

Ways to Increase Streaks

To increase your snap score, maintaining a snap-streak is an excellent strategy to try. As mentioned earlier, snap streaks are a consecutive snap exchange with a friend every 24 hours, without missing each other’s snaps. The longer the streak, the higher the snap score points. Utilize Snapchat’s reminder feature and use a timer to ensure you don’t miss a snap exchange. Keeping snap streaks alive ensures consistency, which contributes to an everlasting increase in snap score.


In conclusion, we hope you found these tips on increasing your snap score useful. Increasing your snap score takes time and consistent effort, but it’s worth the reward. Keep adding friends, engaging with others, sending quality snaps, and maintaining snap streaks to see a significant improvement in your snap-score. Remember to have fun while you engage and interact with others on the platform, and the points will follow.

Additional tips include; checking Snap Map frequently and taking advantage of Snapchat’s games and ‘discover’ features. Use new lenses and filters released by Snapchat to increase engagement.

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