June 25, 2024
Macrame plant hangers are all the rage nowadays. You too can create beautiful plant hangers with only a few steps. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect macrame plant hangers. Learn tips and tricks on how to make these hanging planters more creative and unique. So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive in!

How to Macrame Plant Hangers: A Beginner’s Guide

Macrame plant hangers have become increasingly popular in recent times. The revival of this vintage trend has seen these hanging planters becoming a must-have in the world of interior decoration. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these plant hangers are versatile, functional, and easy to make.

This article provides step-by-step instructions, tips, and techniques to help beginners create their own macrame plant hangers.

Section One: “Beginner’s Guide to Macrame Plant Hangers: Step by Step Instructions”

Macrame is the art of knot tying that involves weaving cords to create decorative items like plant hangers, wall hangings, and bags. The origins of macrame can be traced back to ancient Egypt and were also used in the Middle East, China, and Spain.

To make a simple macrame plant hanger, you will need one skein of macrame cord, a pair of scissors, and a plant pot to hang. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating this beautiful hanging planter:

  1. Cut six pieces of cord, each measuring 5 feet long
  2. Fold each cord in half and tie an overhand knot at the center, creating 12 cords in total
  3. Hang or tape the cords to a wall or table, dividing the cords into four groups with three cords in each group
  4. Take the first group of cords and tie a square knot about 4 inches below the top knot. Repeat the same for all the other groups
  5. Take two adjacent cords from each neighboring group and tie another square knot, about 2 inches apart from the first knot
  6. Repeat this alternating pattern of square knots until you achieve the desired length of the plant hanger
  7. Tie a final knot with all the cords, leaving enough space to place the pot
  8. Place your plant in the pot and hang it in the hanger

Congratulations! You have successfully created your first macrame plant hanger.

Section Two: “DIY: Create Unique Macrame Plant Hangers for Your Home”

Once you’ve mastered the basic steps, you can get creative and personalize your macrame plant hangers. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Use various colors and types of macrame cord to add a unique touch to your hanger
  • Incorporate beads or pendants to add interest and texture to the design
  • Combine different knotting techniques to create more complex patterns

Here are some examples of different variations of plant hangers that you can make with these techniques:

Macrame Plant Hangers

Section Three: “Elevate Your Greenery with Easy Macrame Plant Hangers”

Adding macrame plant hangers to your space not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves the air quality. Hanging plants promote a healthier living environment by purifying the air indoors and providing oxygen.

When choosing a plant to hang in your macrame planter, it’s essential to select a suitable option for this type of display. Small plants with trailing vines, such as ivy, spider plants, or pothos, are ideal for a hanging planter.

To care for the plant in its hanger, be sure to water regularly and ensure the plant receives sufficient sunlight. Watering is easy – remove the plant pot from the hanger and water it as you normally would.

Section Four: “Transform the Look of Your Space with Trending Macrame Plant Hangers”

Macrame plant hangers have become a must-have in home decor, and for a good reason. In addition to their functional benefits, they are stylish and on-trend. You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, and patterns to complement your decor theme.

Here are some different styles and colors of macrame plant hangers that will transform any space:

Macrame Plant Hangers

Section Five: “How to Macrame: From Simple Knots to Beautiful Plant Hangers”

There are several ways to create beautiful macrame plant hangers, and it all starts with mastering a few basic knots like the square knot, half-hitch knot, and lark’s head knot. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you can use them creatively to create beautiful designs.

Below is an overview of three basic knots that you can use to create a variety of patterns:

  • Square Knot: Begin with two strands of cord. Take the left strand and cross it over the right strand, then bring the left strand under the right and pull it through the loop. Pull it tight, then repeat the process with the right strand
  • Half-Hitch Knot: Take one strand of cord and loop it over the other strand. Then tuck it under the other strand and pull it through the loop. Repeat this step with the other cord
  • Lark’s Head Knot: Double the cord and place it over the dowel. Take the ends of the cord and loop them over the dowel and through the loop you created.

By using these knots creatively, you can create a range of patterns, designs, and finishes to your piece.


Macrame plant hangers are a beautiful and functional addition to any home decor. They’re an easy, cost-effective way to add texture, dimension, and greenery to your space. With the step-by-step instructions, tips, and techniques provided in this article, you can create unique and beautiful plant hangers to enhance any indoor or outdoor space.

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