May 20, 2024
Learn how to make gasoline in Ark efficiently with a step-by-step guide on different methods of gasoline production, survival tips on finding and refining oil, uses of gasoline, and troubleshooting issues players face while producing gasoline.

How to Make Gasoline in Ark: A Comprehensive Guide

Ark: Survival Evolved is a popular survival game that requires players to gather resources, build structures, and survive against various challenges. One of the biggest challenges players face in Ark is making gasoline. Gasoline is an essential resource required for powering generators, vehicles, and other machinery. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to make gasoline in Ark, different methods of producing gasoline, survival guide on finding and refining oil, tips on using gasoline efficiently, and troubleshooting guide for gasoline production.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Making Gasoline in Ark

Before you start gathering materials, you must have knowledge on crafting requirements on gasoline. The materials needed for crafting gasoline are:

  • 5 Oil
  • 3 Hide
  • 1 Charcoal

Once you’ve gathered the following materials, you can proceed to craft gasoline.

How to gather and refine oil:

  • Oil veins – Players can choose to use oil veins to gather oil. These are found in various locations throughout the map, including the ocean floor and rocky terrain.
  • Killing creatures – Another way to get oil is by killing creatures such as Trilobites, Dragons, and Wyverns. These creatures drop oil when killed.
  • Oil pump – Players can craft an oil pump to gather oil from underground. To use the oil pump, place it on the side of an oil deposit and start pumping it to gather oil.

Crafting gasoline process:

  1. Open your inventory and select the “Crafting” option.
  2. Select the “Cooking” tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Select gasoline from the list of craftable items and click craft.
  4. Wait for the crafting process to be completed to craft the gasoline item successfully.

Methods of Making Gasoline in Ark

There are various methods to make gasoline in Ark. Knowing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of each method can help players to choose the best one for their needs. Let’s dive into the different methods of gasoline production:

Oil Veins: Using oil veins is one of the best methods for gathering oil for gasoline production. It is efficient, and the supply of oil is relatively constant and abundant. Players can use drills or mining techniques to gather oil.

Killing Creatures: Another way to get oil for gasoline production is by killing creatures in the game. However, it is not as efficient as using oil veins. Players must kill a lot of creatures to gather a significant amount of oil.

Oil Pump: Crafting an oil pump is one of the most efficient methods of getting oil for gasoline. It is an expensive method, and players must have a good amount of resources to craft it. It requires a constant supply of gasoline to keep it running, which can be costly.

Survival Guide on Finding Oil and Refining it into Gasoline

Knowing how to find oil veins and refine them into gasoline is crucial for survival in Ark. Here is a survival guide on finding oil and refining it into gasoline:

How to locate oil veins:

  • To locate oil veins, players can look for black rocks that have a sheen or shine on them.
  • Players can also look for large rocks with black blotches on them.
  • Oil veins can also be found in underwater caves, edges of water bodies and oceans.

Setting up refinery structures:

  • Players need to craft a refinery structure to refine oil into gasoline. The refinery can be crafted in a player’s inventory.
  • Once the refinery is crafted, players can place it down and load it with oil to start refining it into gasoline.
  • The process of refining oil into gasoline can take some time, so players need to be patient.

Protecting structures from other players or creatures:

  • If placing a refinery structure outside a player’s base, it is essential to protect it from other players or creatures.
  • Players can use turrets and walls to protect their refinery.
  • They can also place the refinery in shallow water because most creatures cannot swim in shallow water.

How Gasoline Can Be Used in Ark

Gasoline is a versatile resource in Ark. It can be used to craft generators, running vehicles, and other machinery. Here are some tips on how to use gasoline efficiently:

Craft generators: Players can craft generators to power their bases, electric fences, turrets, and other electric devices.

Running Vehicles: Vehicles are an essential mode of transportation in Ark. Players can craft or find vehicles such as motorcycles, rafts, and boats. Gasoline is required to run these vehicles.

Other machinery: Gasoline is used in other machinery such as the industrial forge, which is used for smelting metal. It can also be used to run fabricators, chemistry benches, and many other useful items.

Tips on using gasoline efficiently:

  • Only use gasoline when necessary.
  • Try to gather oil efficiently to produce gasoline and save resources.
  • Use vehicles sparingly to conserve fuel. Instead, use fast transit routes like zip lines and grappling hooks.

Quick and Handy Tips on Making Gasoline in Ark

Here are some quick and handy tips on making gasoline in Ark:

Advice on gathering necessary materials:

  • Make sure to have enough resources before gathering oil.
  • Remember to have a good stack of hide to craft gasoline.
  • Gather plenty of Charcoal from burning wood.

Refining materials efficiently:

  • Construct multiple refineries to refine oil simultaneously.
  • Have a good stack of gas to power the refineries quickly.

Crafting gasoline quickly and easily:

  • Set aside a dedicated refining area close to the oil resource.
  • Craft other items while the refining process is going on.

Troubleshooting Guide for Gasoline Production

Players may face some issues while producing gasoline. Here are some solutions to common issues players face:

Gasoline not being crafted:

  • Ensure that you have enough materials to craft gasoline.
  • Check the gasoline crafting requirements, make sure you have the correct materials and amounts.

Refinery stopped refining oil:

  • Check to see if there is enough gas to power the refinery.
  • Ensure that the refinery is loaded with enough oil to keep refining gasoline.


In conclusion, gasoline production is a crucial aspect of survival in Ark, and it is essential to learn how to produce it efficiently. We have discussed various methods of gathering oil, refining it into gasoline, using gasoline, and tips on how to produce gasoline quickly and easily. By following our guide, players can produce gasoline to power their generators, vehicles, and machinery with ease.

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