April 17, 2024
As a 16-year-old, you can earn money by taking up extra responsibilities such as tutoring, dog-walking, freelancing, selling products, and part-time jobs. We provide a comprehensive guide with tips on how to get started and balance work with school.


Being 16 brings so many new adventures and experiences in life. Among them is the need to start having some financial independence. As a 16-year-old, it can be challenging to find a part-time job that offers substantial pay and also aligns with your school timetable. Therefore, some different tips can help you make some extra money to boost your savings. This article provides a comprehensive guide to making money at 16, including various options and tips to help you get started.

Online Freelancing

If you are good at writing, graphic design, video editing, or any other creative service, you can earn some money by freelancing online. Sites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer offer freelancing work to individuals irrespective of skill level. For instance, you can review software or translate languages for various clients worldwide.

Getting started in online freelancing requires skill, portfolio, and profile to showcase your abilities. You can highlight your experience and any relevant qualification to show your credibility. Also, you can begin by doing small tasks and building your portfolio. However, ensure that the work you get from clients corresponds to your skill level. Online freelancing is beneficial, especially if you have a passion for certain skills and want to make money doing what you love.

Part-Time Jobs

Part-time jobs are perfect for students who want to make use of their free time. Some jobs available for 16-year-olds include working as a sales representative in retail stores, fast-food chains, or as a barista in a local coffee shop. Before starting, it is crucial to check with the state’s minimum working age and ensure that you are prepared to balance school and work.

When planning your job search, it is essential to ensure that your resume is updated, and your cover letter showcases your relevant experience. You can also find job offers on online job boards or job search engines such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. Lastly, ensure that your employer knows your schedule and ensures that it is school-friendly.


If you excel in a particular subject such as math, science, or English, you can earn by tutoring younger students. You can look for students in your neighborhood or advertise your service on social media platforms like Facebook. Additionally, tutoring services can also be found on websites like Care.com, and TutorMe.

Marketing yourself as a tutor involves identifying your strength and making sure that potential clients are aware of your unique selling proposition. You can offer one-on-one sessions, group sessions, or both, depending on what the clients prefer. Tutoring not only enhances your knowledge of a particular topic, but it also develops teaching and communication skills, which are beneficial in your academic life.


If you love sports, you can earn by becoming a referee or umpire for local sports leagues. Organizations like AYSO soccer, Little League Baseball, and Pop Warner Football employ young referees. Moreover, becoming a referee is an excellent opportunity to get involved in sports and stay physically active.

As a young referee, you need to pass a certification test to prove your knowledge of the rules of the game. Additionally, ensure that you are equipped with the necessary skills, such as decisiveness, patience, and leadership, to make informed decisions on the field. Often, leagues pay referees on a game-by-game basis. Hence, you should be aware of the suitable sports leagues and how to join them.

Dog Walking

If you are an animal lover, pet-sitting or dog-walking for busy dog owners may be a great option. Advertise your dog walking services to your neighbors or on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Sites such as Rover or Wag also let you register as a dog walker for people in your local area.

When starting a dog-walking business, ensure that you have all the necessary equipment such as a leash and waste bags. Additionally, you should ensure that you have liability insurance to cover any damage or loss of the pet under your care. Lastly, you can offer added services, such as grooming and dog training, to differentiate yourself from other dog walkers and win more clients.


Babysitting is one of the most popular ways for 16-year-olds to make money. It is ideal for those who love working with children and are willing to take on extra responsibilities. You can advertise your babysitting services on neighborhood sites, social media platforms like Facebook, and websites such as Sittercity and Care.com.

Before taking any babysitting jobs, ensure that you have taken a babysitting course to learn basic caregiving skills, such as CPR and handling an emergency. Additionally, you should provide your references and highlight your experience with children. Ensure that you are aware of any allergies or dietary restrictions that the child may have before taking the job. Finally, ensure that you charge a competitive rate, and your clients are aware of your availability.

Selling Products

If you love to create artwork, crafts, or have a passion for photography, you can sell your products on websites such as Etsy. Etsy gives you a platform to showcase your creativity and market your crafts to the right audience. If you are more into digital products, you can also sell things like stock photos or website themes on platforms like Creative Market.

Starting an online store requires that you have a business idea and products to sell. You also need to have an online presence, social media accounts, and a website to sell your products. Ensure that you identify your niche and target market and communicate your unique value proposition through your branding, packaging, and promotional materials. Remember to price your products competitively, profitably, and highlight any special features that set them apart from competitors.


There are many opportunities for 16-year-olds to earn money while aligning their work with their school schedule. Online freelancing, part-time jobs, dog walking, tutoring, selling products, and babysitting are the most popular ways for 16-year-olds to make a living. To succeed, it is essential to identify your strengths, be aware of state laws, and match your passions with the right opportunity. Learning how to manage your finances from a young age will set you up for future financial success.

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