May 29, 2024
Learn the step-by-step guide on how to Power Off iPhone 13 without getting frustrated. This article covers all the tips and tricks to power off iPhone 13 with written instructions, video tutorial, dos and don'ts, and troubleshooting tips.


The iPhone 13 is renowned for its innovative new features and improved design, but powering it off is not as simple as pressing the Home button. Many iPhone users struggle to figure out how to turn the device off, leading to unnecessary frustration and anxiety. In this article, we’ll explore the different strategies you can use to power off your iPhone 13, along with troubleshooting tips and dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Step-by-Step Guide

Turning off your iPhone 13 involves several steps, but it can be done with ease if you follow these instructions:

1. Press and hold the Side button and either Volume button simultaneously until the ‘slide to power off’ option appears on the screen.

2. Drag the slider that appears on the screen from left to right to begin the shutdown process.

3. Wait for the screen to go blank, indicating that the iPhone has powered off completely.

4. Hold down the Side button again to power the device back on.

It’s important to note that the Side button has taken the place of the Home button on the iPhone 13. Pressing the Side button once will bring up the Lock Screen, but pressing and holding it will initiate the power off process.

If you’re having trouble powering off your iPhone 13 using these instructions, try holding down the Side button for a few seconds longer or plugging the device in for a few minutes and trying again. These troubleshooting tips can help you resolve any issues that may be preventing the device from shutting down properly.

Video Tutorial

If you prefer to learn by watching, this video tutorial will walk you through the process of powering off an iPhone 13:

Short and Simple Guide

If you’re looking for a brief overview of how to power off your iPhone 13, this summary should help:

1. Press and hold the Side button and Volume button at the same time.

2. Swipe the ‘slide to power off’ slider from left to right.

3. Wait for the screen to go blank.

4. Press and hold the Side button again to turn the iPhone back on.

Troubleshooting Tips

Even with the best intentions, powering off your iPhone 13 can sometimes prove challenging. Here are some common issues you might encounter, along with tips for resolving them:

– The ‘slide to power off’ slider doesn’t appear: If you don’t see the slider on the screen, ensure you’re pressing and holding the Side button and Volume button simultaneously for a few seconds. If still not working, the device could be unresponsive, or the battery could be critically low.

– The iPhone doesn’t shut down: Sometimes, the iPhone may take longer than usual to power off. In this case, wait for several minutes before trying again or plug your iPhone into a charger to verify its battery is not low, and try again.

– The iPhone won’t turn back on: If you’re pressing the Side button but nothing happens, try plugging the device into a charger for several minutes. If it still won’t turn on, it could be time to seek assistance from an Apple technician.

Comparison to Other Models

The process for powering off iPhone 13 is different from what you may be used to if you’ve owned an earlier model. For example, previous iPhones had a physical Home button that you could press and hold to turn off the device. If you’re upgrading from an older model, be prepared to learn a new way of powering off your phone.

Dos and Don’ts

When powering off your iPhone 13, it’s essential to follow specific guidelines to prevent any damage to the device or loss of data. Here are some important dos and don’ts to keep in mind:


  • Hold down the Side button and Volume button together to initiate the power off process
  • Wait for the screen to go blank before powering the device back on
  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean your iPhone, and avoid getting water in any of its ports


  • Use a pointed object to press the Side button or Volume button, as this can damage the device
  • Force your iPhone to power down by letting its battery drain completely, which can lead to data loss or damage to the device
  • Exceed the recommended safe temperature range for your iPhone, as this can lead to permanent damage


With the iPhone 13’s new design, powering it off may be a little different than you’re used to. However, this guide has shown you just how easy the process can be, along with troubleshooting tips and dos and don’ts to keep in mind. Whether you prefer written instructions, video tutorials, or a simple overview, you now have everything you need to power off your iPhone 13 with ease.

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