July 21, 2024
Learn how to shuffle tarot cards with this comprehensive guide. Discover various shuffling techniques, types of shuffles, and tips for beginners.


Have you ever wondered how tarot readers shuffle their cards? Tarot card shuffling is an essential part of tarot reading, as it helps to infuse the cards with your energy and intention. Learning how to shuffle tarot cards correctly can make a huge difference in the accuracy and success of your readings. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about shuffling tarot cards, including different shuffling techniques, types of shuffles, and tips for beginners.

Shuffling Techniques

There are two primary shuffling techniques used in tarot card reading: the traditional riffle shuffle and the overhand shuffle.

The riffle shuffle involves holding the deck in one hand and using the thumb and index finger of the other hand to bend the cards back and forth in the middle to create a “wave” effect. The cards are then released, and the two halves of the deck fall together to create a shuffle. This technique is commonly used in casinos and by professional card players.

To perform the overhand shuffle, hold the deck in one hand and use the other hand to pull small groups of cards off the top and add them to the bottom of the deck. This creates a continuous shuffle and is easier to control than the riffle shuffle.

For beginners, the overhand shuffle may be easier to learn and more comfortable since it doesn’t require as much dexterity. However, many tarot readers prefer the riffle shuffle because it helps to mix the cards more thoroughly.

Types of Shuffles

Aside from the traditional riffle and overhand shuffles, there are other shuffling techniques to consider. Some of the most popular include the cut shuffle and the Hindu shuffle.

The cut shuffle involves separating the deck into two piles and placing one pile on top of the other repeatedly until the desired number of shuffles is reached. This technique is great for beginners and for those who are uncomfortable with riffle or overhand shuffling.

The Hindu shuffle involves using one hand to take groups of cards from the top of the deck and placing them on the bottom, similar to the overhand shuffle. However, instead of using the other hand to grab the cards, the hand continues to move in a circular motion, which makes the cards shuffle themselves. This shuffle is best suited for larger decks and can be difficult to control for beginners.

It’s important to experiment with different shuffling techniques to find the one that works best for you and your deck.

Tips for Beginners

If you’re new to tarot reading, shuffling your deck may feel overwhelming or difficult. Here are some tips to help you get started:

– Hold the deck in a way that feels comfortable for you. Many readers prefer to hold the deck with one hand and shuffle with the other, but you can experiment with different grips and positions to find what works best for you.

– Determine how many times you want to shuffle your deck before a reading. There is no right or wrong answer, but some readers find that shuffling between three and seven times helps to ensure the cards are thoroughly mixed.

– Consider shuffling your deck at different points throughout the day to infuse them with different energies. Some readers shuffle their deck before bed to bring calming energy, while others shuffle in the morning to set an intention for their day.


Shuffling tarot cards is essential for an accurate and successful tarot reading. Whether you prefer the riffle shuffle, overhand shuffle, or another technique, experimenting and finding what works best for you and your deck can be a fun and exciting part of your journey with the tarot. Remember to practice, have fun, and trust your intuition as you learn how to shuffle your tarot cards.

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