February 23, 2024
Unsure if someone has blocked you from texting them? Here are some easy steps to confirm whether this is the case and what actions to take next to cope with this reality.

Telltale Signs You’ve Been Blocked from Texting Someone

Have you ever tried to text someone and received no response, wondered if they received your message, or why they haven’t replied? It can be frustrating and lead to suspicion that the other person has blocked your number. This is not an uncommon problem and can happen for various reasons. Below we outline different ways to discern whether someone has blocked your number and what steps you can take next.

Check for Delivery Receipts or Read Receipts

In smartphones, both delivery and read receipts notify the sender when their message has been successfully sent to the receiver’s device. Delivery receipts confirm the time and the date a message is successfully delivered.

To turn on delivery or read receipts on an iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > turn on Send Read Receipts. On Android devices, open the texting app > tap the three dots in the top-right corner > Settings > Advanced > turn on Delivery Reports.

If delivery or read receipts are not enabled and you are unable to determine the status of the message, it can be indicative that the person has blocked your number.

Call the Number

Another means to check if you have been blocked is trying to place a call to the individual. If the call goes directly to voicemail every time or does not ring at all, it could mean that the person has either blocked your number or turned off their phone. It should be noted that while voicemail may indicate a block, it doesn’t always guarantee such.

Send a Text from a Different Number

If the person has indeed blocked your number, it becomes impossible to send messages using that very number only. To confirm whether this is the case, you can try texting from a different number or via a different channel. When sending messages from an alternate number, it is vital to ensure that the contact cannot trace the novelty number to you. You may use numbers that the recipient may not have on their phone, for instance, office landlines or secondary phone numbers.

When sending the message, take note of message delivery status (try sending multiple messages if need be) and the date and time the recipient reads ones that have been delivered successfully. Avoid being intrusive or abusive when using this method; ensure that you don’t cross any personal boundary with the recipient.

Check Your Message History

Another means to check if the person blocked your number is by checking message history. Message history is a record of previous conversations had. The history will show if they received, read, or replied to the message. If the read receipts haven’t been blocked previously, and yet the message still isn’t marked as read, it’s likely that the user has blocked you.

It is also possible that the recipient’s cellular service or Wi-Fi data usage is weak, preventing notifications from appearing. In rare circumstances, there might be technical difficulties that influence the notifications of receiving messages.

Try Messaging on Social Media

If your message history has been deleted, and you need an alternative method of communication, consider reaching out to the individual on a social media platform. It is crucial to take caution and avoid reaching out across every platform they use. Stick to those which you both have a connection with, for instance, Facebook or Twitter. Take note of the tone you use when approaching and understand that this may not deliver the message amicably.

Ask a Mutual Friend

Another way of knowing if you have been blocked is by asking a mutual friend. If someone has blocked your number, it is unlikely that you would be able to contact them to confirm your doubts. Therefore, consider inquiring about the possibility of being blocked from their mobile device by asking someone who has contact with the person.

However, take caution when asking mutual friends if one has been blocked. The other person may not want to talk about it, or it may create a more significant rift between them and the blocked parties.

Respect Their Decision

If none of these methods yield any conclusive results, it is important to respect the other person’s decision. They may have changed their mobile phone number, lost their phone, have a full mailbox, or may need time alone. The absence of a reply shouldn’t necessarily be taken as a block.

It’s always a good idea to take a break until the other party replies or they learn to accept their decision gracefully. The other person may have a valid reason for their actions and may not want to engage at that particular time. On social media networks, unfriending or un-following could be another option that the other person uses to cut off communication.


If you are suspecting that you have been blocked, it is easy to jump to conclusions. There could be several reasons why the recipient is not responding to your messages. The best way to establish what has happened with your phone number is to work your way through the above list before concluding that you have been blocked. Nonetheless, if you’ve tried everything but to no avail, respect the other person’s decision, and consider alternative methods of coping with the situation.

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