April 18, 2024
Are you struggling to watch your favorite ABC shows without a cable subscription? Here are the top solutions that you must try to help you watch ABC for free. From streaming services to digital antennas, we have got you covered!

How to Watch ABC for Free: Solutions You Need to Try

Television is a daily routine for most of us. People love watching their favorite TV shows and movies to relax, unwind and have some quality time at home. ABC is one of the popular networks that offer a range of shows and movies that everybody enjoys. However, the issue arises when you do not have a cable subscription to watch your favorite ABC shows or movies. This problem can be frustrating for many demanding viewers. Nevertheless, fret not. We are here to provide you with solutions to this problem, helping you enjoy your favorite ABC shows without any charges. Below are some ways to watch ABC for free.

Using a Digital Antenna

If you want to watch ABC for free without any trouble, then the simplest way is to use a digital Antenna. Not only will the digital antenna enable you to watch ABC, but it will also provide you access to other local channels as well. This tool is quite convenient to use, and also economical as it requires a one-time cost.

For those who do not know what a digital antenna is, it is a simple device that captures the airwaves of local television signals, including ABC. It is essential to research and buy the best digital Antenna as the transmission ranges of digital antennas differ on the basis of several factors. Placement, distance, and height are few factors that can impact the effectiveness of the antenna. Therefore, you must place it in a location where it can pick up maximum signals.

Streaming Services

Streaming services are becoming increasingly popular these days, and there are several options available where you can watch ABC for no cost. The first streaming service that offers a free trial period for seven days is Hulu. You can access a wide range of shows and movies without paying anything for the first seven days. Other options include Sling TV and YouTube TV, which offer free trials for new subscribers.

To avail of these services, you need to sign up for any of the streaming services mentioned above and choose the trial option while signing up. After the trial period, you can cancel the subscription and can avoid getting charged for service. Easy and cost-effective!

ABC’s Website or App

If you are a loyal viewer of ABC shows, you must visit the ABC website or app, which offers a few shows without any cost. You only need to create an account and sign in for accessing the free content. However, few of the shows do require a cable subscription to watch, but still, there are several options that you can enjoy for free.

The website or app is user-friendly and quite simple to navigate. You can easily browse through the shows and choose the one you want to watch. From timeless classics to the modern stuff, you’ll find everything on ABC’s website or app.

Free Trials of Cable Providers

If you don’t mind subscribing to various providers and are willing to cancel a few free trial periods, then you can avail of the free trial offers from cable companies. Cable providers such as Xfinity, and AT&T offer free trials that you can use to access ABC for free.

This is an excellent option for those who want more than just the ABC network shows and movies. You can also get exclusive access to other systems as well. You can use multiple email IDs for registration and use the trial versions. However, it requires diligent work as one can forget to cancel the subscription, and that can lead to charges.

Free Trials of Streaming Services

If you are a dedicated ABC fan, then you can choose to avail of the free trial services of ABC networks themselves. The ABC app and website offer a seven-day free trial period for new subscribers. The benefits are clearly visible when it comes to uninterrupted streaming services and an ad-free experience.

To access these ABC streaming services, you need to navigate to the ABC website or application and choose the free trial option instead of choosing the premium subscription options. Services are flexible and, if willing, you can continue the subscription by paying the nominal fees.

Social Media Platforms and Websites

Social media platforms and their integration with live streaming websites provided us with a massive platform to watch cable television and network channels such as ABC for free. Websites like KlowdTV, for instance, provide free live streaming services of local television stations that have affiliations with ABC.

You can also connect with social media accounts associated with ABC shows and watch their live TV shows for free. This option is best for viewers outside the US who want to access ABC content. You can even watch ABC shows on YouTube as some users upload movies and episodes on their channels in HD quality without a charge


In today’s world, where streaming services and the internet have almost replaced conventional cable networks, we have many options to enjoy our favorite shows and movies anywhere and anytime. We discussed how digital antennas, streaming services, ABC’s website, free trials of cable providers, free trial periods of streaming services, and social media platforms can help viewers watch ABC shows for free. For those who cannot pay for cable subscriptions, these options are worth considering.

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