July 24, 2024
Final Fantasy 14 is a popular MMORPG with a pricing model that can make it challenging for players to decide whether to play the free trial version or to pay for the subscription. This article explores the options, pros and cons, pricing history, and offers insights about whether the game's free trial version is worth playing.


Final Fantasy 14 is one of the most popular MMORPGs globally, offering an immersive experience of questing on a vast and imaginary world with other players. However, one major issue players face is whether Final Fantasy 14 offers a free trial, and what the game’s pricing model is. The game has a diverse range of options to choose from, which can leave players confused. In this article, we will explore the different options and pricing models for Final Fantasy 14.

The Current Options and Pricing for Final Fantasy 14

If you’re interested in playing Final Fantasy 14, there are two different ways to access the game: through the free trial version or through the paid subscription model.

The free trial version of Final Fantasy 14 lets players explore the game world, level up their characters to level 60, and try out a range of quests and activities. There’s no time limit on the free trial and no credit card information is required.

The paid subscription model, on the other hand, offers access to the full game world, along with additional features, like the ability to create up to eight characters on a single account and join a free company (similar to a guild). To access the full game, players must purchase the base game (including A Realm Reborn and Heavensward), as well as the latest expansion, Shadowbringers. Monthly subscriptions cost $12.99 for the entry-level package and up to $14.99 for a higher tier of character creation slots.

Pros and Cons of Playing Free vs. Paid Versions of Final Fantasy 14

Both options for accessing Final Fantasy 14 come with different advantages and disadvantages that players should consider.

The free trial version is an excellent way to try out Final Fantasy 14 without incurring any costs. It’s a great option for players who want to try out the game before committing to a paid subscription. Players can explore the game’s world and level their characters without any restrictions. However, there are some limitations to the free trial version that players should consider. For instance, players cannot join free companies, use the market board, or send in-game mail to other players. They also cannot create characters from new jobs added after Heavensward.

The paid subscription version of Final Fantasy 14 unlocks all the features of the game, giving players access to a wide range of quests, dungeons, and raids. It also removes the restrictions present in the free trial version, such as the inability to join free companies or use the market board. Players can also participate fully in the game’s economy, crafting, and trading. However, the cost of having access to all of these features may be a drawback for some players.

A Retrospective Look at Final Fantasy 14’s Pricing Model

Final Fantasy 14 has undergone multiple pricing model changes since it was first released. Initially, the game required players to purchase the base game and pay a subscription fee to access the game’s world. This model received criticism for requiring players to pay a subscription fee when other MMORPGs were adopting free-to-play models. As a response, the game moved to a free-to-play model with microtransactions and the introduction of “The Mog Station,” where players could purchase additional items and game time. However, this model caused controversy as it excluded players from full access to the game’s world and limited features. Finally, the current pricing model, a free trial version and a paid subscription option, was released, and gives players the option to try the game without incurring a cost and pay for the game to access all of its features.

Is Final Fantasy 14’s Free Trial Version Worth Playing?

In my opinion, Final Fantasy 14’s free trial version is worth playing, especially for players new to MMORPGs. The free trial offers a great way to explore the game’s vast world without committing to a paid subscription. The limitations of the free trial, such as not being able to join free companies, are minimal, and players can still have an immersive experience in the game world. Additionally, the free trial has no time restrictions, giving players ample opportunity to explore and enjoy the game.

Best Features of Final Fantasy 14’s Free Trial Version

Some of the best aspects of Final Fantasy 14’s free trial version are the ability to level up a character up to 60, try out a range of quests, and explore the fantasy world that the game offers. The game’s story is also a significant attraction, and players can delve into a well-crafted and intricate storyline that is uniquely Final Fantasy. Additionally, the game’s soundtrack is stunning, offering a fantastic complement to the game’s overall atmosphere.


Final Fantasy 14 is an immersive MMORPG game that offers two different ways to access the game: a free trial version and a paid subscription model. Both options come with different advantages and disadvantages, which players should consider based on their preferences and budget. Ultimately, the decision to play the free trial or pay for a subscription comes down to whether you want the full experience of the game or not. However, the game’s free trial version is worth playing and offers great opportunities for players to explore the game world before committing to any costs.

So, go ahead, sign up for Final Fantasy 14, explore the game world, get lost in its storyline, and experience an adventure that is uniquely Final Fantasy.

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