April 12, 2024
Want to know if Pycharm is free? Discover how to maximize your usage of Pycharm to its fullest potential. Check out our article to learn more


Pycharm is a popular integrated development environment (IDE) for Python programming that is used by developers and programmers worldwide. While it is widely recognized as one of the best Python IDEs available, there are several versions available in the market, and the question arises: is Pycharm free?

In this article, we will discuss Pycharm’s various versions, what features come with each version, and how you, as a developer or programmer, can make the most out of this fantastic IDE without breaking the bank.

Pycharm: Is It Worth the Cost or Can You Use It for Free?

It is essential to emphasize that Pycharm has both free and paid versions. Pycharm professional is the paid version and comes with several features, a massive library of plugins, and ongoing support from JetBrains.

On the other hand, Pycharm community is the free version that provides access to basic features such as code completion, debugging, and an extensive range of IDE customizations. So, although Pycharm Professional may come across as a somewhat costly endeavor, it is essential to note that the Pycharm community edition offers an excellent platform to start coding without compromising on quality, convenience, or efficiency.

That being said, there are some differences between the free and paid versions of Pycharm, which we will discuss below.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Versions

While the Pycharm community edition is excellent for novice developers, the Pycharm professional edition comes with several additional features that can save time and increase productivity. One of the most outstanding features of Pycharm professional is its vast library of plugins. However, it is essential to consider whether these additional features are worth the investment.

These additional features may be worth the investment if you are working on a more extensive project with multiple developers, where the quality of the product is paramount. However, if you are working on a smaller project or as a solo developer, the community version of Pycharm may suit your needs just fine.

Maximizing Pycharm: Tips And Tricks for The Free and Paid Versions

Pycharm, even in its community version, has a vast range of features that can make programming much more efficient, productive, and fun.

Some of the tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of Pycharm include:

-Customizing the IDE layout
-Using the live console for debugging and testing
-Utilizing Zen mode to focus on code
-Using regular expressions in search and replace functions
-Configuring version control tools for git, mercurial, or subversion

These tips and tricks can help you get more out of Pycharm and increase your efficiency and productivity, both in the free and paid versions.

Top 5 Features of Pycharm’s Free Version

While Pycharm professional comes with several features not available in the free version, there are still several tools and functions that developers can utilize, even with the community version.

Here are the top 5 features of Pycharm’s free version:

Code Completion

Pycharm’s code completion feature is available in both the free and paid versions. It offers suggestions for variables, functions, and types by examining your code. This feature saves time and reduces the chances of making basic syntax errors.


Pycharm’s debugger can help you identify the source of runtime errors while stepping through code in the IDE. This feature is excellent for novice developers who want to grasp the behavior of code and professionals who require in-depth debugging of their programs.

Virtual Environment Support

Pycharm supports virtual environments ensuring that Python libraries are isolated from other projects, so you don’t run into version conflicts. This feature is available in both the free and paid versions.

Customizable Run Configurations

Customizable run configurations feature enables developers to run their code as a script, module, Django project, or any other application configuration they need. Similar to virtual environments, this feature is available in both the free and paid versions.

Code Navigation

Pycharm’s code navigation tool enables users to move between files easily, transverse the project structure, and navigate definitions within their codebase quickly. This feature is available in both the free and paid versions of Pycharm.

Using Pycharm for Free: Open Source Projects And Community Support

One of the top ways to use Pycharm for free is to contribute to open-source projects that Pycharm supports. Pycharm encourages developers to contribute to open-source projects by providing them with a free copy of their licensed software.

Pycharm’s community not only contributes to open-source projects but also offers support to other developers through its community forums. The community forums offer a platform for users to share their development experiences, receive feedback from fellow developers, and ask questions.

Is Pycharm Free for Students? Expanding Your Knowledge on Pycharm’s Educational Programs

Yes, Pycharm offers free educational licenses to students, educators, and classroom organizations. The educational program offers students and educators an array of educational tools and assistance in using the Pycharm IDE. The program includes IDE support for Java, Python, Kotlin, and other programming languages.

Students can register for an educational license by visiting the Pycharm Educational Program site and filling the online application. To qualify for the free educational licensing, students are required to submit their proof of enrollment.

Free Ways to Use Pycharm: Generating Revenue Without Spending A Dime

Pycharm offers free features that can be utilized for commercial environments. The free version of Pycharm can be used to generate revenue without spending any money.

Pycharm supports small-scale entrepreneurship and enables developers to create their microbusinesses by launching their applications. Pycharm’s development environment, coupled with its deployment tools, permits developers to develop and publish their applications. Pycharm’s support for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript libraries make it a perfect tool for web development, allowing developers to create plugins and extensions for web browsers.

Maximizing Free Automation with Pycharm: Eliminating Repetitive Tasks with Efficient Code

Pycharm has several features that help developers reduce repetitive tasks and improve their efficiency with code automation

The free version of Pycharm provides developers with code snippets that are customizable and reusable across applications. Users can also automate repeatable tasks by creating templates that enable users to create new modules, classes, and functions.


Pycharm is an excellent tool for developers and programmers that offers a variety of features that they can utilize to maximize their efficiency and productivity.

The choice between the community and professional edition essentially comes down to the size of your project, the number of developers you’ll be working with, and your budget allocation. Still, both versions provide valuable features to the developers that utilize them.

Pycharm’s free version provides developers with an excellent platform to start their development journey, while the professional version provides experienced developers with the tools and features they need to work on more extensive projects efficiently.

Overall, Pycharm is well worth the time and investment, regardless of which version you’re using.

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