February 29, 2024
Travel safer and quicker with TSA PreCheck for free with American Express. Learn how to get it and the benefits it offers with a brief guide and answers to commonly asked questions.

Is TSA PreCheck Free with American Express?

Traveling has become increasingly more complicated over the years. Long security lines, removing shoes and belts, and having your liquids separated from your carry-on baggage can be a hassle. Luckily, TSA PreCheck was created to expedite the process for eligible travelers. American Express is one of the companies that offers its customers the opportunity to obtain TSA PreCheck for free. If you’re wondering how to get TSA PreCheck for free with American Express, this article will provide a step-by-step guide in doing so.

Why American Express Users Should Take Advantage of TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck is a security program that allows eligible travelers to go through a dedicated, quicker security lane when flying. TSA PreCheck members do not have to remove their shoes, belt, or jacket, and can leave their liquids and electronics inside their bags. TSA PreCheck has been proven to reduce wait times and increase speed through security, providing a more convenient travel experience.

The benefits of TSA PreCheck are clear for travelers who fly frequently or for those who do not want to feel rushed during their pre-flight preparations. This is where American Express comes in. The company offers its cardholders the opportunity to obtain TSA PreCheck for free. Instead of paying the regular application fee of $85, American Express cardholders can get TSA PreCheck for free, making it an attractive offer for travelers who fly frequently.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get TSA PreCheck for Free with American Express

Are you wondering how to obtain TSA PreCheck for free with American Express? Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Log in to your American Express account.
  2. Find the “Benefits” section and select the “Travel” option.
  3. Scroll down until you see the TSA PreCheck banner.
  4. Follow the instructions to enroll in TSA PreCheck for free.

The entire process is straightforward and easy to follow. As a cardholder, you will need to provide some basic information and schedule an appointment for the in-person interview. Once you’re enrolled, you can enjoy the benefits of expedited security lanes every time you fly at a participating airport.

It’s important to note that if you have already paid the application fee for TSA PreCheck, you cannot receive a refund. However, you can use the service for up to five years, making it a worthwhile investment for frequent flyers.

Maximizing Your Credit Card Perks: American Express and TSA PreCheck

American Express is known for providing its customers with valuable benefits and offers. The company’s partnership with TSA PreCheck is just another example of how they strive to make travel more accessible and convenient for their cardholders.

The American Express and TSA PreCheck partnership is advantageous because it provides an opportunity for frequent travelers to save money while still taking advantage of convenient travel benefits. Cardholders can not only obtain TSA PreCheck for free, but they can also take advantage of a variety of other travel benefits, such as airport lounge access, travel credits, and complimentary room upgrades at select hotels.

Real-life examples of how this partnership can be beneficial include travelers who have saved hundreds of dollars on airfare and hotel rooms and have been able to avoid long lines and wait times at security checkpoints.

The Pros and Cons of Taking Advantage of American Express’ Free TSA PreCheck

While American Express’ offer of free TSA PreCheck is attractive to many travelers, there are potential downsides to consider.

Advantages of the program include being able to save money on the application fee, being able to bypass long security lines, and having a more convenient travel experience altogether. Additionally, since TSA PreCheck is valid for five years, it can provide long-term value for frequent flyers.

However, some potential downsides to the program include the need to schedule an in-person appointment and the limited availability of TSA PreCheck at certain airports. Additionally, if you do not travel frequently, the benefits of TSA PreCheck may not outweigh the application fee.

Frugal Traveler Series: How to Save on TSA PreCheck with American Express

The Frugal Traveler Series is a collection of travel tips and tricks for budget-conscious travelers. One of the most significant expenses for frequent travelers is the cost of TSA PreCheck. However, by taking advantage of American Express’ free TSA PreCheck offer, you can save money and have a more convenient travel experience.

To save on TSA PreCheck with American Express, be sure to check your card benefits regularly and enroll as soon as you’re eligible. Additionally, research participating airports so you can take full advantage of the program when you travel.

Lastly, hear from some of the travelers who have used the American Express offer to gain TSA PreCheck for free.


In conclusion, traveling can be stressful and time-consuming. However, by taking advantage of American Express’ offer of free TSA PreCheck, you can have a more convenient and efficient travel experience. Remember to follow our step-by-step guide to enroll in TSA PreCheck and take full advantage of all the travel benefits American Express has to offer.

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