September 30, 2023
Is VS Code truly free? This guide provides a thorough examination of the popular text editor software, including its cost, advantages, and disadvantages. Learn how to maximize the free features and choose the best version for your needs.


As a popular text editor software used by developers worldwide, Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is known for its exceptional features and ease of use. However, there has been some confusion and speculation around whether VS Code is actually free, given the extensive capabilities it offers. In this guide, we will explore whether VS Code is truly free and how it compares to other text editor software options.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Whether Visual Studio Code is Really Free

Most people think of the term “free” when considering software as meaning “without cost.” However, the term “free” can also refer to software that is open source, which means that it is produced collaboratively by volunteers and is free to use and distribute. VS Code is both free and open-source, but what does that mean in terms of actual cost and use?

Examining the Visual Studio Code licensing agreements can provide insight into the specifics of its free status. The licensing agreements include provisions such as “perpetual and royalty-free license,” which states that you can use the software without paying any fees. Additionally, the agreements explicitly state that you may distribute copies of the software free of charge.

Breaking Down the Cost of Visual Studio Code: Is it Really Free as Advertised?

Although VS Code is technically free to use, there may be hidden costs associated with the software. For example, if you are using the software for business purposes, you may need to purchase a commercial license. Additionally, some of the extensions available in the VS Code marketplace may come with a cost.

When comparing VS Code to other paid text editors, the cost breakdown is significant. Popular text editors like Sublime Text and Atom Editor require a license fee upfront. While it may seem like free text editor software like VS Code would be less reliable, it consistently ranks highly in user ratings and functionality.

Comparing the Free Version of Visual Studio Code to its Paid Counterparts

VS Code offers both free and paid versions of the software. The free version includes a range of features, including debugging, multi-cursor editing, and Git commands. The paid version, Visual Studio Code Subscription, offers additional features such as Live Debugging and exclusive extensions.

The comparison between the two versions of the software is dependent on your individual needs as a coder. The free version may be sufficient for basic programming, but for more advanced projects and features, the paid version may be necessary.

Why Visual Studio Code is a Game Changer in the World of Free Text Editor Software

VS Code offers unique features that set it apart from other free text editor software. For example, the software’s built-in debugging capabilities make it easy to identify and correct errors. Additionally, VS Code has an extensive extension library, which allows users to customize and add new features to the software.

Furthermore, VS Code has had a significant impact on the software industry. The software’s open-source nature has allowed developers across the globe to collaborate and make improvements, making the software more accessible and efficient.

Maximizing the Free Features of Visual Studio Code: Tips and Tricks

While the free version of VS Code offers an array of features, there are certain tricks and tips for maximizing its capabilities. For example, VS Code supports keyboard shortcuts, which can significantly enhance your productivity. Additionally, extensions like beautify and Javascript refactoring can make coding simpler.

It is also essential to stay up-to-date with new features and updates in the software. VS Code consistently releases updates to improve and refine the software, so staying informed can enhance your coding experience.

The Pros and Cons of Choosing Visual Studio Code’s Free Version over Paid Subscriptions

There are benefits and drawbacks to using the free version of VS Code versus subscribing to the paid versions. One significant advantage of the free version is the cost savings. Additionally, the software’s extensive extension library means that users can customize and add new features to their liking.

However, the paid versions of the software offer exclusive features and more advanced capabilities. For example, the Live Debugging feature allows users to identify and solve problems in real-time, significantly streamlining the coding process. Ultimately, choosing between the free and paid versions will depend on your coding needs and preferences.


Overall, Visual Studio Code is an excellent text editor software option for coders worldwide. While it is technically free to use, there may be hidden costs depending on your usage. Examining the licenses can give a clear understanding of what is required and what suits best.

Both the free and paid versions offer unique advantages, and it is up to the individual coder to determine which version is best for their coding needs. Regardless of version, there are tips and techniques for maximizing the software’s capabilities and improving your coding experience overall.

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