May 29, 2024
Learn how to crop screenshots on a Mac with our complete guide. From basic keyboard shortcuts to advanced techniques, we cover everything you need to know. Plus, we highlight the top tools for cropping screenshots, tips for business and marketing purposes, and advanced cropping techniques for pros and design enthusiasts.


As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true in the digital age, where an image can make a big impact on social media, marketing materials, and personal projects. Capturing and cropping screenshots is a basic skill that every Mac user should know, whether it’s for sharing a funny meme or documenting an error message. In this article, we will explore different ways to crop screenshots on a Mac, from basic keyboard shortcuts to advanced techniques.

Quick and Easy Steps to Cropping a Screenshot on a Mac

The Mac operating system comes with a built-in screenshot tool that can capture images of the entire screen, a selected area, or a specific window. To capture a screenshot, press Command + Shift + 3. The image will be saved to the desktop as a .png file.

If you want to capture a specific area, press Command + Shift + 4, then use your mouse to select the area you want to capture. To capture a specific window, press Command + Shift + 4, then press the spacebar. Your cursor will turn into a camera icon, which you can then click on the window you want to capture.

Now that you have captured your screenshot, you may want to crop it to focus on the most important part. To do this, simply open the image in Preview (the default image viewer on a Mac), then select the Crop tool from the toolbar. Drag the edges of the image to select the portion you want to keep, then click on “Done” to save the cropped image.

Top 5 Tools for Cropping Screenshots on a Mac

While the built-in screenshot tool is reliable and easy to use, there are third-party tools that offer more advanced features for capturing and cropping screenshots. Here are the top 5 tools for cropping screenshots on a Mac:

  1. Snagit: This all-in-one screen capture and editing tool is popular among businesses and professionals. The image editor includes a variety of annotation tools, and the software can capture full webpage screenshots and scrolling captures. Cost: $49.95 for a single user license.
  2. Lighshot: This free tool allows you to capture any part of your screen and offers basic editing tools, including cropping, highlighting, and text annotation. Available for Mac, Windows, and Chrome. Cost: Free.
  3. Skitch: This simple screenshot and annotation tool was created by Evernote and integrates seamlessly with the note-taking app. It offers basic editing tools and can be used to capture screenshots of specific windows, full screens, or selected areas. Cost: Free.
  4. Gyazo: This tool is designed for quick and easy sharing of screenshots and GIFs. It captures a screenshot with a single click and automatically uploads it to the cloud, where you can then share the link. Available for Mac and Windows. Cost: Free.
  5. Paparazzi: This open-source tool captures full webpage screenshots, including hidden elements, and provides options for cropping, exporting, and resizing. It also includes basic annotation tools. Cost: Free.

Mastering the Art of Cropping Full-Page Screenshots on a Mac

Capturing a full-page screenshot of a webpage is a useful skill for web designers, developers, and anyone who needs to document a webpage for reference. While the built-in screenshot tool can capture a visible portion of a webpage, it may not capture the entirety of the page. There are several third-party tools that can capture full-page screenshots, including:

  • Paparazzi: As mentioned above, Paparazzi is a free, open-source tool that can capture full-page screenshots.
  • Full Page Screen Capture: This free Chrome extension captures full-page screenshots of web pages and can save them as a .png or .pdf file. It also includes a cropping tool. Available for Mac and Windows. Cost: Free.
  • FireShot: This browser extension captures screenshots of webpages and offers editing tools, including arrows, text annotation, and blur. Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Cost: Free with limited features, $39.95 for the Pro version.

Once you have captured a full-page screenshot, you may want to crop it to focus on the most important part of the page. To do this, open the image in Preview and select the Crop tool. Drag the edges of the image to select the desired area, then click on “File” and “Export” to save the cropped image.

Creating Professional-looking Screenshot Cropping for Business and Marketing Purposes

When it comes to business and marketing, it’s important to make sure your screenshots look professional and visually appealing. Here are some tips and tricks for cropping screenshots for business and marketing purposes:

  • Highlight important features: Use cropping to draw attention to the most important part of the image, such as a product or a call to action.
  • Use consistent branding: Crop your images to match the brand guidelines for your business, such as using specific colors and fonts.
  • Resize images: Make sure your images are the appropriate size for the platform you plan to use them on, such as social media or a website.
  • Use editing software: Use tools like Adobe Photoshop or Canva to enhance the final image with effects, text, and graphics.

Advanced Cropping Techniques for Mac Screenshot Pros and Design Enthusiasts

If you’ve already mastered the basics of cropping screenshots and are looking to take your skills to the next level, here are some advanced cropping techniques to try:

  • Use different crop shapes: Experiment with using elliptical or circular crop shapes, or freeform crop tools to create unique shapes.
  • Layer multiple screenshots: Use image editing software to layer multiple cropped screenshots together to create a larger image or GIF.
  • Create GIFs: Combine multiple cropped images to create a looping GIF using software like Adobe Photoshop or Giphy.


Cropping screenshots is a basic and essential skill for Mac users. Whether you need to capture a funny meme or a professional screenshot for business purposes, there are many different techniques and tools available for cropping images. By following the steps outlined in this article and experimenting with different techniques, you can create visually appealing, professional-looking screenshots that make an impact.

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