February 23, 2024
Learn effective and humane ways to get rid of birds and prevent them from invading your property. This article offers natural, DIY, and commercial solutions, and emphasizes non-harmful ways to control bird populations. Coexist with birds while keeping your property clean and safe.


While birds are beautiful and interesting creatures, they can also become a nuisance when they start to invade our homes and gardens. Their droppings can damage property, and their nests can attract insects and other pests. In this article, we will explore various effective and humane ways to get rid of birds and keep them away from your property.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Birds

One way to deter birds from your property is by using natural methods. Essential oils like peppermint, clove, and citrus have a strong scent that can keep birds away. You can either spray the oils around the area or use oil diffusers. Another effective natural deterrent is spraying vinegar, which will change the pH levels of the surface, making it uninhabitable for birds. Decoys such as fake snakes or plastic owls can also prevent birds from nesting or staying in an area.

How to Deter Birds from Nesting on Your Property

To prevent birds from nesting, try blocking entry points like vents or chimneys with mesh screens. Bird spikes can be placed on ledges or other areas that birds may perch on, making it difficult for them to stay in that area. Trimming trees and vegetation around your property can reduce the number of perches available to birds.

Best Bird Repellents for Your Garden

For gardens, audible deterrents like wind chimes or recordings of predator birds can scare away birds. Reflective tape is a simple and cheap solution to keep birds away from plants. Scarecrows are a popular way to deter birds, especially in small gardens. They are easy to find or make, and can be positioned around the garden to give the impression of a human presence.

DIY Solutions to Keep Birds Away from Your House

If you want to protect your house from bird droppings or nesting, you can put up fake owls. These can be found in garden centers or online. You can also use water sprayers that shoot water when birds come close to them. Hanging shiny objects, such as CDs or mirrors, can also keep birds away.

Non-Harmful Ways to Control Bird Populations

It is essential to use non-harmful ways to control bird populations. Bird nets can be used to cover fruit trees or vegetable patches. Visual barriers, such as screens or curtains, can prevent birds from entering an area. Providing alternative food sources like bird feeders away from your property or planting berry bushes away from your house can convince birds to go elsewhere.


Getting rid of birds can be challenging, but there are various solutions available that are effective and humane. Whether you prefer natural methods, DIY solutions, or commercial bird repellents, it is essential to use non-harmful ways to control bird populations. Remember that birds are an essential part of the ecosystem and try to coexist with them as much as possible.

If you find yourself struggling with the bird problem or want to find the most effective method to keep them away, consider consulting with a pest control professional in your area.

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